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Located 1616 Harrodsburg Road, Lawrenceburg KY 40342, by the Sand Spring Baptist Church
The recording of this cemetery was done in August 2014 by Rosemary McFarland.
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Thacker, Alla Mae 7-Apr-1909 20-Mar-1987 ossw James E.
Thacker, Charles R. 7-Nov-1913 11-Mar-1979
Thacker, Ella B. 4-Jun-1917 6-Feb-2000
Thacker, Gladys Casey 1903 1982 ossw William Dudley
Thacker, James E. 4-Aug-1902 12-Feb-1967 ossw Alla Mae
Thacker, James Everett, Jr. 18-Apr-1929 3-Jun-2005 Korean War Marker
Thacker, John G. 15-Jul-1918 13-Mar-2006
Thacker, Nancy Jane Ingra "Nannie" 2-Sep-1874 30-Jun-1951 KYDC gives DOB, DOD,COD ateriosclerotic disease
Thacker, Nora L. 10-Mar-1923 14-Jul-2012
Thacker, Thomas Levi 1-Feb-1858 4-Feb-1920 KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD lobar pneumonia
Thacker, William H., Sr., "Poogie" 9-Aug-1930 14-Dec-2006 Military Marker
Thacker, William L. 22-Mar-1901 24-Mar-1970
Thacker, William Dudley 14-May-1900 20-Sep-1952 ossw Gladys Casey KYDC gives DOB, DOD,COD Coronary Thrombosis
Thomas, Hubert L., Jr. 3-May-1930 11-Jun-2002 ossw Welma
Thomas, Welma Smith 19-Mar-1932 2-Jul-2002 ossw Hubert
Thompson, Anna Mae 1917 1966 ossw Melvin
Thompson, Cynthe 1863 1935 ossw George
Thompson, Eddie B. 1898 1964 ossw Lucinda
Thompson, Edward F. 21-Jan-1921 12-Jul-1977 ossw Geraldine
Thompson, George Edward 1945 17-Jan-1945
Thompson, George 1853 1935
Thompson, Lucinda 1903 1994
Thompson, Marvin Gerald 18-Sep-1944 17-Jan-2014
Thompson, Melvin 1914 1999 ossw Anna Marie
Thornberry, Anna B. 1900 1966 ossw Baby John Lewis and John
Thornberry, John Lewis 1919 1919
Thornberry, John F. 1889 1957 ossw Anna B and Baby John Lewis
Tingle, Hamilton N. 26-Sep-1912 24-Feb-1987 ossw Margaret
Tingle, Margaret A. 2-Apr-1914 19-Dec-1970 ossw Hamilton N
Tingle, Mary E. 20-Mar-1902 12-May-1963 ossw Noah
Tingle, Noah A. 16-Jul-1887 8-Dec-1956 ossw Mary
Toler, Barbara Joan 28-Sep-1946 29-Mar-2013
Toll, Charles Cornelius 20-Jun-1878 31-Jul-1947 ossw Pearl Rose KYDC COD Asthma bronchial
Toll, Charles C. 9-Oct-1918 16-Apr-1986 ossw Jewel H WWII Marker
Toll, Harold Jackson 16-Mar-1914 14-Nov-1948 KYDC gives middle name, COD broken neck found under a car, accident WWII Marker
Toll, Karl 9-Apr-1905 26-Sep-1972
Toll, Lucy Price 12-Dec-1945 12-Dec-1945
Toll, Pearl Rose 18-May-1882 18-Apr-1969 ossw Charles Cornelius
Toll, Sadie Mildred 4-Apr-1906 20-Feb-1921 ossw Harold J. Toll KYDC gives COD; Inanition
Vinning, Thomas Henry, "Tommy" 7-Aug-1930 20-Apr-2005 Korean War Marker
Volz, Edwin H. 5-Oct-1888 14-Dec-1961 ossw Minnie
Volz, Minnie 1-Apr-1885 10-May-1984 ossw Edwin H
Waford, Helen Maxine Ingram 21-Nov-1923 4-Jun-2005 ossw Porter
Waford, Porter 21-Aug-1882 23-Jun-1957
Wainscott, Darren B. 8-Aug-1971 3-Nov-1989 ossw Pauline R
Wainscott, Landon 14-May-1878 3-Oct-1921 No Photo KYDC gives all data; COD Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Wainscott, Pauline R. 1-Jun-1928 13-May-1997 ossw Darren B
Wainscott, "Stillborn female" 22-Apr-1920 22-Apr-1920 no stone found 2014 KYDC COD traumatism due to long period of labor and instrumental delivery
Walker, Lee Anna Bentley 18-Aug-1901 26-Feb-1940
Wallace, "Twin Sons" 30-Dec-2005
Walsh, Margaret Katherine 12-Jun-1949 30-Jan-2012
Ward, Florine G. 21-Jul-1907 27-Jul-1999 ossw John W.
Ward, George Washington 2-Oct-1890 5-Nov-1918 KYDC gives middle name, DOB,DOD, COD; lobar pneumonia
Ward, Jeptha 16-Feb-1904 22-May-1920 No Photo KYDC gives all data; COD accidental gunshot wound
Ward, John D. 2-Jan-1869 25-Jun-1952 ossw Sarah C KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD: Carcinoma Prostate
Ward, John W. 2-Oct-1903 13-Nov-1957 ossw Florine G.
Ward, Margaret Ann 1931 6-Jan-1939 KYDC gives DOD; COD hit by automobile on way from school
Ward, Roy 1932 5-Sep-1932 No Photo KYDCgive all data; COD: cholera infantum
Ward, Sarah C. 1869 1955 ossw John D
Ward, William Edward 1875 23-Aug-1948 No photo KYDC gives all data; COD acute gastritis
Ware, John Clark, "Pete" 4-Jun-1912 26-Oct-1982
Ware, Martha Collier 11-Nov-1923 12-Jul-2012
Ware, Robert Wayne, "Bob" 14-Feb-1951 25-Feb-2013
Warford, Delores Caroline 20-Mar-1935 24-Apr-1935 No Photo parents stone reads Warford, DC Waford; KYDC gives all data; Acute Intestinal inflamation
Warford, Opal N. 26-Jan-1909 3-Oct-1964 ossw Shelby T.
Warford, Shelby T. 1-Apr-1911 24-Oct-1934 KYDC gives COD Typhoid Fever
Waterfill, Frances Carter 11-Oct-1905 10-Apr-2003
Waterfill, James Monroe, Sr. 13-Dec-1901 3-May-1990
Waterfill, James Monroe, Jr. 16-Jan-1927 26-Aug-1997 Korean War Marker
Watts, Leila 1903 1976 ossw Walter and Walter, Jr.
Watts, Walter, Jr. footstone; 19-Oct-1923 3-May-1932 ossw Walter and Leila KYDC COD Acute Appendicitis
Watts, Walter 1894 1957 ossw Lelia and Walter, Jr
Webb, Anthony L. , "Ben" 5-Aug-1937 12-Oct-1995 on back of stone: Daughters in Law: Karen and Jennifer, Sons Tony and Mark, Daughter Julia Doreen, grandchildren Daniel and Jacklyn
Welch, John 20-May-1843 10-May-1926 no stone 2014 KYDC all data; COD chronic intersistial nephritis
Welch, Josephine 10-Jan-1880 24-Mar-1946
Welch, Mary Vance 20-Oct-1844 5-Jun-1927 no stone 2014 KYDC gives data; COD mitral regurgatation
Welch, Susie 5-Aug-1865 13-Jan-1929 no stone 2014 KYDC gives data; COD Chronic Intersistial nephritis
West, Anna L. 13-May-1892 16-Apr-1966 ossw Robert T
West, Elberta Chapman Taylor 16-Oct-1915 3-Jun-1997 ossw Robert
West, Harvey B.,Sr. 1-Mar-1920 19-Feb-1989 ossw Pauline C WWII Marker
West, Pauline C. 1925 2003
West, Robert Thomas 28-Mar-1889 28-Aug-1937 ossw Anna L. KYDC gives middle name and COD: Carcinoma of stomach and duodenum
West, Robert Taylor 1-Jan-1915 27-Nov-2004
Wheat, Antoinette Vivian 19-Aug-1898 28-Mar-1985 footstone
Wheat, Major W., Sr. 7-Jul-1919 14-Nov-1996
Wheat, Mildred Burns 27-Dec-1921 12-Mar-2005 footstone
Wheat, William Douglas 19-Oct-1942 20-Oct-1942 KYDC gives DOD Bronchal following atelectaxis
Wheat, William Porter 25-Oct-1892 25-Apr-1962
Whitehouse, William Wallace 7-May-1923 4-Oct-1993 ossw Eloise H. Stratton
Williams, Beatrice J. 18-Apr-1930 ossw Lindsay P
Williams, Jesse R. 14-Apr-1913 12-May-1988
Williams, John R. 5-Dec-1884 14-May-1964 ossw Sarah Jane
Williams, Lindsay P. 13-Feb-1922 7-Sep-2001 WWII Marker
9-Mar-1928 No Photo KYDC gives all data; COD Lobar pneumonia and sciatic rheumatism
Williams, Sarah Jane 15-Jun-1888 6-Jan-1961 ossw John R
Williams, William C. 29-Jan-1920 15-Mar-1945 WWII Marker
Woodard, Clarence L. 15-Sep-1887 24-Aug-1962 WWI Marker
Woodard, Wilburn L. 4-Dec-1923 20-Mar-1936
Wright, Virginia Yocum 1918 1980
Yocum, Earl P. 29-Aug-1915 21-Dec-1972 WWII Marker
Yocum, Larry Scott 8-Apr-1942 30-Jan-2012 ossw Rosalie Houchins
Yocum, Phillip T. 18-Mar-1881 29-Aug-1950 KYDC gives middle Initial; DOB, DOD, COD;coronary occlusion
Young, Victoria 28-Aug-1873 15-Aug-1969
Young, William S. 8-Feb-1870 28-Nov-1947








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