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Located 1616 Harrodsburg Road, Lawrenceburg KY 40342, by the Sand Spring Baptist Church
The recording of this cemetery was done in August 2014 by Rosemary McFarland.
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Ramsey, Ethel G. 13-Aug-1897 9-Jul-1992
Ray, Anna Lou 29-Jan-1941 11-Jun-1955
Redmon, Ellis Ray 29-May-1916 28-Apr-1983 ossw Willie Mae
Redmon, "Infant" 26-Oct-1937 26-Oct-1927 No stone found
Redmon, Larry Ray 12-Jun-1947 8-Mar-1968 Specialist 4th US Army
Redmon, Willie Mae Stratton ossw Ellis 18-Mar-1918
Richardson, Belinda 28-Mar-1949 13-Apr-2006
Richardson, Lucy B. 11-Nov-1918 20-Oct-1957
Richardson, Myrtle 11-Jan-1920 22-Nov-1984
Riley, Byron B. 25-Aug-1922 11-Sep-1966 WWII Marker
Riley, Charlotte 1882 1957
Riley, Delbert L. 1899 1918 WWI Marker
Riley, Donna Mae 2-Feb-1914 17-Oct-2008 ossw Hobert
Riley, Ernest 29-Jan-1892 24-Oct-1975 ossw Lillie
Riley, Hazel Mae Taylor 1928 2007 July 27, 1974, Hazel married Thomas Vinning
Riley, John Allen 1917 1943 Military Marker
Riley, John D. 4-Jan-1910 1-Apr-1997 oss Virginia
Riley, John G. 1874 1959
Riley, Lillie 18-Jun-1902 27-Oct-1991 ossw Ernest
Riley, Rickey Glen 30-May-1957 5-Mar-1977
Riley, Seabert 1913 1982
Riley, Virginia 7-Aug-1919 23-Mar-2007 ossw John D.
Riley, Marshall 18-Mar-1927 20-Jan-1949
Riley, Michael Wayne 12-Jul-1945 12-Jul-1945 KYDC gives COD Congential Heart Disease
Roberts, Hezekiah 1870 1955 ossw Susan Carr
Roberts, Susan Carr 1873 1955 ossw Hezekiah
Robinson, Allen Breckenridge 23-Dec-1933 ossw Doris June
Robinson, Doris June 16-Feb-1939 ossw stone with Allen
Robinson, Grottis Allen 21-Feb-1916 25-Jul-1987 ossw Reginald
Robinson, Hattie Ray 1894 1990 ossw James A
Robinson James A. 1890 1958 ossw Hattie
Robinson James Lee 19-Aug-1918 21-Aug-1940 KYDC gives COD Hemorrhagic purfura following measels
Robinson, John W. 1884 1958 ossw Susie H
Robinson, Lois H. 30-Aug-1916 16-Dec-2001 wife of Roy B
Robinson, Marvin C. 1914 1992
Robinson, O. M. "Sonny" 22-May-1887 26-Dec-1965 ossw Ora
Robinson, Ora Gritton 21-Jun-1887 30-May-1970 ossw O.M.
Robinson, Reginald Etherington 25-Aug-1920 12-Dec-2010 ossw Grottis
Robinson, Roy 21-Apr-1922 11-Jun-1967 ossw Sarah L
Robinson, Roy B. 31-Mar-1917 4-Nov-2000
Robinson, Susie H. 1900 1966 ossw John W
Rogers, Andrew Earl 26-Jan-1918 19-Oct-1997 ossw Pearl C WWII Marker
Rogers, Malinda Faye 12-Dec-1940 20-Dec-1940
Rogers, Pearl C. Denney October 12 1915 29-Aug-1998 ossw Andrew
Routt, Jennie Lee 9-Apr-1872 9 Feb. 1941 KYDC gives age 68 yr. 10 mo. 1 da; DOD, COD Hemorrhage of Lungs from TB long standing
Routt, Stanley 25-Feb-1869 6-Nov-1931 KYDC gives age 62 yr. 8 mo. 11da; DOD; COD Mitral insufficiency; Tuberculosis of left lung
Routt, Virginia A. Bond "Virgie" 20-Mar-1876 2-Sep-1927 ossw Stanley
Royalty, Addie M. 1888 1965 ossw Samuel S
Royalty, Asa Marshall, Sr. 27-Jun-1926 11-Feb-2010 ossw Mildred Rose WWII Marker
Royalty, Bonnie Riley 7-Jan-1936 ossw Connie Clifford
Royalty, Connie Clifford 2-Jul-1936 ossw Bonnie Riley
Royalty, Mildred Rose Stinnett 1-Nove-1929 24-Jan-2013 ossw Asa Marshall
Royalty, Samuel S. 1882 1956 ossw Addie M
Sale, Garnett M. 1882 1955 ossw Leslie V.
Sale, Leslie V. 1881 1957 ossw Garnett M.
Sale, Wiltshire Cardwell 14-Apr-1840 22-Jan-1920 wife Oma Guinn is buried with no stone next to him in the lot KYDC gives DOB of 1842; COD Pneumonia
Sanders, Elizabeth Vernon McGaughey O. 1898 1981 ossw William
Sanders, Louiza 24-Feb-1857 12-May-1918 ossw W.I. KYDC gives COD Interstitial nephritis
Sanders, W. I. 24-Jul-1854 26-Mar-1937 ossw Louiza
Sanders, William O. 1898 1970 ossw Elizabeth V.
Satterly, Cordie Shelton 3-Apr-1890 7-Aug-1978
Seay, Lillard "Bug" 1897 1984
Searcy, Jeneva 30-Aug-1927 17-Jul-1928 No Photo KYDC gives all data; COD Peritonitis
Searcy, Marion 6-May-1919 10-Feb-1920 No Photo KYDC gives all data; COD Measels
Searcy, "Stillborn male" 8-Oct-1930 8-Oct-1930 No Photo KYDC gives all data; COD undetermined
Searcy, "Stillborn female" 20-Mar-1934 20-Mar-1934 No Photo KYDC DOD as acute nephritis in Mother
Sewell, Emma Lee Turner 1869 16-Apr-1940 ossw Joe KYDC gives age 70 yr, 9 mo, 21da; DOD, COD Lobar Pneumonia
Sewell, Joe 1864 1954 ossw Emma
Shakan, H. Sam 6-Apr-1914 12-May-1987 ossw Reginia A
Shakan, Reginia A. 22-Jul-1922 18-Nov-1980 ossw H. Sam
Shelton, Bartley Ray 14-Oct-1971 ossw Donnie and Dianne
Shelton, Dianne Hopkins 12-Jun-1945 ossw Donnie and Bartley
Shelton, Donnie Ray 1-May-1945 ossw Dianne and Bartley
Shelton, Hubert 15-Dec-1912 16-Dec-1977 ossw Pauline Phillips
Shelton, Pauline Phillips 1-Apr-1922 16-Jun-1977 ossw Hubert
Shelton, Wanda Faye Fallis 12-Feb-1935 9-Jan-2003 ossw Thomas
Shely, Aileen S. 2-Feb-1929 ossw Raymond
Shely, Raymond 11-Sep-1926 ossw Aileen S.
Shely, Robert E. 1930 1956
Shouse, Berry C. 1918 1949
Shouse, Bettie 12-Mar-1896 5-Jun-1968 ossw Delbert
Shouse, Cora F. 1888 1977
Shouse, Darvin 1911 1925
Shouse, Delbert 3-Nov-1892 ossw Bettie
Shouse, Delbert T. 11-Jan-1862 30-Oct-1946 husband of Matilda KYDC gives DOD, age 84 yr., 9mo, 19da; COD Carcinoma Prostate
Shouse, J. D. 1909 1931
Shouse, Matilda Sagrecy 28-Jan-1868 10-Jan-1928 wife of Delbert T. KYCD gives DOB, DOD, COD organic heart disease
Shouse, Roy D. 4-Aug-1916 9-Jul-1954 ossw Margaret M.
Shurling, Anne Marlowe 25-Jan-1947 17-Aug-2011
Siers, Martha Ann May 3 1894 14-Jan-1917 No Photo KYDC gives all data; COD Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Simpson, Paul V. 7-Jan-1913 7-Feb-1986
Sims, Christine 18-Oct-1921 1-Jan-2001 ossw James W and Ledo H
Sims, Francis M. 18-Oct- 17-Feb-1926 ossw Rachael E. and Nannie E. WWII Marker
Sims, Francis Marion, Jr. "Frank" 3-Jul-1893 11-Nov-1972
Sims, Frederick P. 26-Jan-1940 31-May-2001 ossw William C and Stacy Sharp
Sims, Goodloe Allen, Jr. 1924 1936
Sims, Goodloe Allen 19-Jun-1896 15-Nov-1977 ossw Nora WWI Marker>
Sims, James W. 10-May-1891 4-Sep-1973 ossw Ledo and Christine
Sims, James W., Jr. 17-Jan-1919 19-Jun-1991 ossw Midred Hawkins
Sims, Ledo H. 28-Sep-1897 22-Mar-1986 ossw James W. and Christine
Sims, Martha H. 1895 ossw William
Sims, Mildred Hawkins 26-Apr-1918 16-Nov-2000
Sims, Nannie Ellen 20-Jan-1901 10-Oct-1918 ossw Francis M.and Rachael E. KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD Pneumonia
Sims, Nora Lee Sharp 28-Jan-1903 6-May-1978 ossw Goodloe Allen
Sims, Rachael E. Letcher 1862 13-May-1933 ossw Francis M. and Nannie E. KYDC gives age 71 yr. 7 mo., 27 da. DOD, COD Cholecystitis
Sims, Stacy Sharp 31-Mar-1912 6-Nov-1996 ossw William Cecil and Frederick P
Sims, Thomas "Tommy" 6-Dec-1929 16-Jan-1998 ossw Patsy Monroe
Sims, William Cecil 16-May-1913 2-Apr-1984 ossw Stacy Sharp and Frederick P
Sims, William Lucas 11-Nov-1889 11-Feb-1950 ossw Martha KYDC DOB, DOD, COD mitral regugatation chronic
Sims, Sammie Lee 1945 17-Jan-1946 No Photo
Skaggs, Alla Bentley 7-Jul-1907 12-Jul-1994 ossw Carl G.
Skaggs, Carl Goodson 19-Mar-1907 2-Apr-1982 ossw Alla Bentley
Smith, Annette B. "Cookie" 13-Nov-1992 28-Oct-1991 ossw Jackie
Smith, Barbara Jean 21-Sep-1935 30-Jan-2013 ossw Victor Wayne
Smith, Blondella Louise Brown 10-Nov-1924 16-Nov-2003 wife of Eddie U
Smith, Charley 1900 1969 ossw Edna
Smith, Cora B. Hutton 4-Jan-1877 13-May-1938 ossw Jeff KYDC gives initial and maiden name, COD Cancer of Uterus
Smith, Eddie U. 30-Dec-1910 8-Oct-1972 WWII Marker
Smith, Edna 1909 2007 ossw Charley
Smith, John Jefferson 11-Feb-1868 25-Mar-1938 ossw Cora KYDC gives first, middle names, COD Chronic Interstitial nephritis
Smith, James Unie "Jimmy, Red" 28-Jun-1957 2-Jul-2008
Smith, Rebecca Cheryl 10-Jun-1948 4-Mar-1952 KYDC gives middle intial S, family says Cheryl, COD: Lympathic Leukemia
Smith, Sarah E. 8-Jan-1884 11-Dec-1980
Smith, Victor Wayne "VW" 16-May-1937 6-Sep-2010 ossw Barbara
Sparrow, Amelia Mae Franklin 6-Aug-1941 14-Mar-2013
Springate, A. J. 1861 1941 ossw Louisa
Springate, Annie Stratton 27-Nov-1883 16-Jul-1918 KYDC gives 1882 as DOB, COD: Typhoid fever complicated by Bright's disease
Springate, Annie Elizabeth 12-Feb-1915 6-Aug-1918 No Photo KYDC gives all data; COD Typhoid fever with intestinal obstruction
Springate, Ben 15-Feb-1882 14-Feb-1953 KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD Coronary Thrombosis
Springate, Eugene 8-May-1912 4-Feb-1954
Springate, Grace 1891 1966 ossw Grover
Springate, Grover 1885 1954 ossw Grace
Springate, Louisa 1869 1958 ossw A.J.
Springate, Millie Brown 1840 13-Feb-1931 KYDC COD Contusions to hip and leg from accident; phlebitis both legs
Springate, P. G. "Doc" 1872 1957
Stanforth, Elmer Thomas 21-May-1880 5-Apr-1915 ossw Maude S KYDC gives middle name
Stanforth, Maude S. 30-Jan-1887 31-Oct-1934 ossw Elmer T
Steele, Billie Sue Newby 2-Mar-1956
Steele, John Ellen Lunsford 11-Apr-1907 2-Mar-1990
Stidha, Eugene 10-Jun-1929 20-Jun-2001 ossw Ann E.
Stratton, Ada Thomas Thacker 24-Jun-1886 6-Feb-1953 Stone gives name KYDC gives COD Coronary Occlusion Hypertensive Heart Disease
Stratton, Ambrose A. "Ham" 25-Aug-1924 23-Feb-2003
Stratton, Anna B. 1874 1959 ossw Robert B.
Stratton, Bertha Louise 11-May-1948 13-Dec-1948
Stratton, Carol Ann 3-May-1946 11 Dec 1952 ossw Eugene C, Mattie Robinson,Carol Ann and Sharon Portlock
Stratton Clara T. Jordan 28-Nov-1868 17-Dec-1914 ossw W.A. KYDC maiden name; COD acute gastritis
Stratton, David Crockett 22-Dec-1842 8-Oct-1930 married Sarah Cole May 20,1871. No stone 2014 KYDC gives data; COD acute gastro-interitis
Stratton, Edgar 9-Jul-1940 No stone 2014
Stratton, Eugene C. 13-Mar-1914 31-May-1983 ossw Mattie Robinson,Carol Ann and Sharon Portlock
Stratton, Finley 26-Aug-1900 27-Apr-1989
Stratton, Florence Adell 1892 1957
Stratton, Halton A. "Toots" 2-Jan-1934 1-Jun-2004
Stratton, Hazel Disponette 13-May-1927 27-Jun-2008 ossw Ambrose
Stratton, Howard Benjamin 1-Nov-1919 1-Jan-1921
Stratton, Jacob 1-Nov-1852 6-Jun-1933 KYDC gives DOD on June 7; COD Myocarditis , Senelity
Stratton, John B. 1882 1960 ossw Valeria
Stratton, John Corbin 17-Jan-1846 28-Aug-1921 ossw Mary Elizabeth KYDC Peritonitis
Stratton, John Franklin 12-Jan-1917 TP3 US Navy World War II WWII Marker.
Stratton, Julia Ann 11-Sep-1856 13-Nov-1948 KYDC gives middle name, COD: Chronic Intersistial nephritis
Stratton, Lanna F. 1957 1957
Stratton, Mary Elizabeth Sanders 3-Sep-1848 20-Mar-1915 ossw John Corbin KYDC Lobar pneumonia
Stratton, Mattie Robinson 13-Apr-1914 8-Aug-2004 ossw Eugene C, Carol Ann and Sharon Portlock
Stratton, Nina S. 29-Jul-1897 14-Feb-1973 ossw Samuel O
1907 4-Mar-2001 wife of William Byrd Stratton Sr
Stratton, Robert B. 1876 1978 ossw Anna B.
Stratton, Robert F. 22-Jan-1938 2-Nov-2013 ossw Eugene C, Mattie Robinson,Carol Ann and Sharon Portlock
Stratton, Samantha Belle Kays 16-Apr-1863 6-Aug-1957 ossw W.J.
Stratton, Samuel O. 17-Jul-1888 25-Jan-1946 ossw Nina S
Stratton, Sarah Catherine Cole 17-Feb-1844 6-Jan-1920 wife of David Crockett Stratton; no stone 2014 KYDC gives data; COD lobar pneumonia
Stratton, Valeria Lester 3-Dec-1885 9-Mar-1919 ossw John B KYDC gives DOB yr 1887, stone 1885, DOD, COD bronchopneumonia
Stratton, W. A. 12-Jun-1871 5-Jul-1942 ossw Clara T Carcinoma of lip and face
Stratton, William Byrd, Jr., "Tinker" 30-Sept-1936 27-May-1956
Stratton, William Byrd, Sr. 21-Dec-1883 2-Feb-1987 husband of Priscilla J. Riley WWI Marker
Stratton, William H. 1925 1994 WWII Marker
Stratton, William J. 13-Jul-1848 13-Mar-1934 ossw Samantha KYDC COD cerebral hemorrhage
Studler, Christian Sean 10-May-1973 25-Apr-2013
Sutherland, Blanche C. 6-Oct-1912 8-Jul-1969 ossw James Elbert
Sutherland, James Elbert 23-Aug-1906 7-Jan-1969 ossw Blanche
Sutherland, James H. 6-Sep-1933 25-Oct-1953
Swails, Brenda 10-Jul-1943 23-Dec-2002 wife of Jimmy








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