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Located 1616 Harrodsburg Road, Lawrenceburg KY 40342, by the Sand Spring Baptist Church
The recording of this cemetery was done in August 2014 by Rosemary McFarland.
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Overstreet, Coleman Luther 1885 Jul-64 ossw Minnie M.
Overstreet, Jasper B. 29-Nov-1922 15-Mar-2007 wife Margaret P.
Overstreet, Minnie McCoy 8-Jun-1888 28-Dec-1952 ossw Coleman L. KYDC gives DOB,DOD,COD cerebral apoplexy
Parker, Robert F 16-Mar-1927 18-Jan-2012 WWII Marker
Peach, Gladys 19-Nov-1913 7-May-1949 KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD Double pneumonia from measels and is mentally deficient; stone gives DOByr 1913
Peach, Minnie 1896 17-Apr-1967 ossw Wallace
Peach, Wallace 1890 10-May-1985 ossw Minnie
Penney, B. H. 2-Oct-1858 8-Feb-1929 ossw Sallie E KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD Tuberculosis of Lungs, stone gives DOB yr 1858 matches age of 70 yr 4mo 6da
Penney, Hutson 1884 20-Jun-1933 KYDC gives age 49 yr 1mo 15 da. DOD, COD mitral regugitation
Penney, Sallie E. 1857 14-Oct-1941 ossw B.H. KYDC gives DOD, age 84 yr 7 mo 20 da; COD Bronchial pneumonia, cerebral hemorrhage
Perry, Bonnie J. 10-Jul-1931 9-Feb-2006 ossw Donald N.
Perry, Donald Newton 25-Jul-1928 13-Mar-1992 Korean Military Marker
Perry, Elbert Irvine 6-Sep-1926 23-Jan-2012 Korean Military Marker
Perry, Marcus L. 6-May-1959 10-Aug-1959
Payton, John May-1849 7-Apr-1941 family says name should be Peyton
Payton, Serena Frances Nov-1854 5-Dec-1941 family says name should be Peyton;KYDC gives age 87 yr 16da; DOD, COD arteriosclerotic heart disease
Peyton, Charles F., Jr. 29-May-1915 15-Nov-1993 ossw Juanita F WWII Marker
Peyton, Frank 1892 1964
Peyton, Henry Clay 15-Mar-1856 10-Nov-1945
Peyton, Henry Wallace 21-Jun-1894 2-Jun-1964 WWI Marker
Peyton, John 1849 7-Apr-1941 on stone name spelled PAYTON; KYDCgives age 91yr 11 mo 26 da; COD fracture of hip; bronchial pneumonia
Peyton, Juanita Frances Hawkins 13-Oct-1917 12-Jun-2012 ossw Charles F
Peyton, Mary Louella Southerland 30-Jul-1870 24-Oct-1957
Peyton, Ollie Frank 25-Jan-1932 12-Jun-2005 Korean Military Marker
Peyton, Ruth Ann Stratton 1-Feb-1892 25-Mar-1979 wife of Frank
Phillips, Bertha Cox December 18 1915 19-Dec-1988 ossw William Corbin
Phillips, Claude Lister Jun-1869 1-Sep-1934 KYDC gives age 65 yr 1mo 27da; DOD; COD paralysis from Cerebral Hemorrhage
Phillips, Dessie Lee 26-Apr-1879 19-Dec-1944
Phillips, Ernest Guy 5-Jul-1886 5-Dec-1937 KYDC gives COD Demintia Precox age 51 yr 5mo 1da
Phillips, Flora A. Penney 1899 1985 ossw Stanley N
Phillips, Francis Lucille 6-Mar-1939 7-Mar-1939 KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD premature
Phillips, George 1866 19-Jan-1943 ossw Susan M KYDC gives age 53 yr 2 mo 6da; DOD, COD; Paralysis from cerebral hemorrhage; stone gives DOD 1942
Phillips, Lawrence 2-Oct-1904 17-Sep-1987
Phillips, Mabel B. 1900 1991 ossw Wm. Edgar
Phillips, Marvin Ray 13-Sep-1947 19-May-1999
Phillips, Mary Ellen Stratton 18-Jul-1890 27-Jun-1978 ossw Ernest
Phillips, Mary Katherine McG 26-May-1913 11-Jun-2003
Phillips, Mary R. October 5 1909 13-Dec-1982
Phillips, Mildred H 1920 14-Jun-1905 ossw Wm.Woodrow
Phillips, Myrtle Duncan Mar-1875 1-Nov-1960 ossw Claude
Phillips, Nelva 1915 1-Aug-1933 KYDC gives age 17yr 7mo 24da; DOD COD Tuberculosis of Lungs
Phillips, Stanley 18-Jun-1922 6-Apr-2013 ossw Frances West WWII Marker
Phillips, Stanley N. 9-Feb-1894 11-Sep-1931 ossw Flora A
Phillips, Susan M. 1893 1973 ossw George
Phillips, Walter J. Aug-1879 5-Sep-1961 ossw Dessie Lee
Phillips, William Corbin 30-Oct-1914 8-Aug-1976 ossw Bertha Cox
Phillips, William Edgar 5-Jun-1890 28-Jun-1951 ossw Mabel B. KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD Chronic interstitial nephritis
Phillips, William P. 11-Nov-1943 22-Jan-1944
Phillips, William Woodrow 1920 1999 ossw Mildred H.
Pogioli, Terry Gail 12-Mar-1963 9-Jun-1994 wife of Joseph V.
Poulter, Mattie 1875 1952 ossw William
Poulter, Westley 8-Jul-1874 14-Feb-1916 No Photo
Poulter, William 1883 1968 ossw Mattie
Price, Allen B. 1901 1958 ossw Elizabeth
Price, Benjamin F. 9-Jan-1858 12-Dec-1918 ossw Lucy KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD: heart trouble
Price, Elizabeth 1905 1980 ossw Allen B
Price, Lucy Margarett Duncan 10-Mar-1860 13-Nov-1918 KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD cerebral hemorrhage
Price, Martha E. Knight 8-Mar-1855 31-Oct-1926 ossw N.B. KYDC gives name as Mattie E. , COD aortic obstruction of the heart
Price, N. B. 2-May-1854 5-Nov-1931 ossw Martha E.
Proctor, Martha Ann Shelton 28-May-1941
Puckett, Charley 1881 1954 ossw Lillie Ann
Puckett, Lillie Ann 1881 1965








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