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Located 1616 Harrodsburg Road, Lawrenceburg KY 40342, by the Sand Spring Baptist Church
The recording of this cemetery was done in August 2014 by Rosemary McFarland.
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Kays, Emma Frances 1896 1978 ossw W. Jesse
Kays, Eva L. 1892 1963 ossw James H
Kays, James H. 1888 1972 ossw Eva L.
Kays, W. Jesse 1897 1992
Keightley, Asa Porter 27-Jul-1878 11-Jan-1942 ossw Bessie Sharp KYDC COD heart attack, influenza
Keightley, Bessie Sharp 6-Mar-1893 6-May-1967 ossw Asa Porter
Lancaster, Mat S. 27-Sep-1935 No photo KYDC gives DOD, age 70 yr 3mo 14da; COD nephritis followed by acute diltation
Leathers, Dovie Chilton 1879 1962 ossw William Balis
Leathers, Ray Porter 30-Aug-1907 3-Mar-1972 WWII Marker
Leathers, Royal B. 7-Jun-1905 24-May-1921 KYDC COD Drowning
Leathers, William Balis 1880 1962 ossw Dovie Chilton
Leathers, William Chilton "Bill" 6-May-1913 14-May-1968 WWII Marker
Ledridge, Gertrude 1879 1967 ossw Mary and William
Ledridge, Mary 1-Jan-1907 22-May-1930 ossw Gertrude and William KYDC DOD Typhoid fever (probable)spelling Leadridge
Ledridge, Robert E. 27-Apr-1867 11-Jun-1942 KYDC COD Pyelo nephritis
Ledridge, William 1864 1918 ossw Gertrude and Mary
Lee, Mary Baker 5-Oct-1896 1-Aug-1964
Leonard, Bertha 1892 1967
Lunsford, William Daniel 21-Sep-1879 23-Feb-1963
Marcum, Michael 1947 2001
Marlowe, Charles Franklin, Jr. 28-May-1918 1-Apr-1993 ossw Margaret WWII Marker
Marlowe, Charlie 1890 1964 ossw James and Virginia
Marlowe, James Maxwell 17-Oct-1921 23-Nov-1921 ossw Charlie and Virginia KYDC gives DOB,DOD, COD Tubercular meningitis
Marlowe, Margaret Crossfield 5-Mar-1920 15-Jul-2009 ossw Charles Franklin
Marlowe, Virginia Hanks 1892 1976 ossw Charlie and James
Martin, Annie D. Smith 1871 1947 ossw John B. Martin husband's KYDC gives maiden name
Martin Bertha M. 17-Mar-1885 9-Jan-1960 ossw Hollie C
Martin, Ella July 13 1888 26-Jul-1948
Martin, Hollie C. 3-May-1896 16-Jan-1965 ossw Bertha M.
Martin, John B. 1876 26-Jun-1943 ossw Annie KYDC givesage 67 yr 18 da; DOD Cerebral appoplexy hypertensive heart disease
Martin, Mildred 25-May-1921 20-May-1922 KYDC states child found on door step of Mr. Albert Nichols; COC Bronchial pneumonia following cold
McCoy, Dave 5-Mar-1855 16-Mar-1928 ossw Mary D KYDC gives DOB,age 73yr 11 da, DOD, Cod acute dilatation of heart
McCoy, Mary D. Crutchfield 1861 1931 ossw Dave maiden name from daughter's DC
McGaughey, James T. 1860 27-Dec-1933 ossw L.M. KYDC gives DOD,age 73 yr 9mo 25da COD cerebral hemorrhage
McGaughey, Luvena M. 1864 3-Mar-1936 ossw J.T. KYDC gives age 71yr 5mo 21da; COD Fracture of Tibia
McMichael, Alma Jane Stratton 15-May-1880 3-Aug-1919 KYDC gives DOB, DOD, age 39yr 2mo 18da; COD infection from an insect bite
McMichael, Anna B. 1882 1956 ossw Thomas D
McMichael, Charles Reed Nov-1913 11-Mar-1979 no grave found
McMichael, Ellen 18-Jul-1854 29-May-1929 KYDC give DOB, DOD; age 74 yr 10mo 11da; COD chronic interstitial nephritis
McMichael, Lewis Thomas 1873 13-Dec-1945 KYCD gives DOD; age 74 yr 1mo 12 da; COD Bronchopneumonia
McMichael, Susie 1860 2-Mar-1934 KYCD gives DOD; age 73yr 11mo 6 da; COD hard to read
McMichael, Thomas D. 11-Dec-1864 12-Aug-1949 KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD brochopneumonia; senility
Meade, Grace Brown 23-Apr-1908 24-Jun-1986 ossw Norman Gordon
Meade, Norman Gordon 8-Jan-1906 22-Mar-1958 ossw Grace
Mervyn, Ruby Bell 1905 1977
Milburn, Mary Jane 4-Apr-1948 16-May-2006 stone reads Peace in the Valley back of stone
Milburn, William E. 3-Mar-1944 19-Jun-2013 stone reads Peace in the Valley back of stone
Mills, Lalia Sale 15-Apr-1908 23-Jul-2008
Mizner, John L. 6-Oct-1851 26-Jan-1915 ossw Mary Frances
Mizner, Mary Frances 21-Jan-1864 22-Sep-1956 ossw John L
Monroe, Athena R. 9-May-1886 1-Apr-1971 ossw Oscar M
Monroe, Harold Kenneth 1911 1991 ossw Ruby Jane and Infant
Monroe, Harold Kenneth, Jr. "Kenny" 1-Apr-1945 7-Aug-1999 ossw Zella Lewis and Mary Beth Military Marker
Monroe, "Infant" 1941 1941 ossw Harold K. and Ruby Jane
Monroe, Oscar M. 7-Jul-1892 8-Jul-1961 ossw Athena R
Monroe, Ruby Jane 1906 1964 ossw Harold K. and Infant
Montgoery, Clell 17-May-1918 19-Nov-1985 ossw Evalyn
Montgomery, Evalyn Hawkins 28-Oct-1921 21-Apr-2008 ossw Clell
Moore, Carrie B. 1875 1963 ossw John M
Moore, John M. 1872 1960 ossw Carrie B
Morgan, John Harrison 11-Sep-1849 11-Jun-1915 No Photo KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD pyremia
Morgan, Lucy Thacker 10-Sep-1843 5-Feb-1930 KYDC gives DOB,DOD, COD:Chronic interstitial nephritis
Morrell, Barbara Jean McAfee 1933 2-Aug-2013 ossw Gene
Morris, Ethel 1900 1981 ossw Raymond
Morris, Faye Likins 1933 1991
Morris, Garland E. 31-Oct-1926 27-Feb-2009 ossw Thomas D. and Rebecca E.
Morris, Marvin 1924 1956 ossw Sarah F.
Morris, Michael Edwin "Moe" 10--Apr-1951 13-Sep-2007
Morris, Polly B. 1898 1978
Morris, Raymond 1901 1960 ossw Ethel
Morris Rebecca E. 5-Jun-1899 4-Feb-1986
Morris, Sarah F. Ward 1928 1946 ossw Marvin
Morris, Thomas D. 11-Mar-1892 18-Mar-1987 ossw Rebecca E. and Garland E
Mullins, Lorena Kay 24-Aug-1963 24-Aug-1963
Murphy, Charlie 4-Jun-1888 19-Mar-1962 ossw Dessie Lee
Murphy, Dessie Lee 19-May-1892 27-Oct-1968 ossw Charlie
Murphy, Ann Doris 31-Dec-1935 25-Oct-1953 ossw Lister
Murphy, Lister 17-Apr-1917 25-Oct-1953 ossw Ann Doris
Newsome, Marie Toler 30-Jan-1937 20-Jan-2000 ossw Charles W.
Noel, Etta Toll 17-Dec-1920 3-Jan-1997 buried with sisters, Laura Catlett and Lucille DeGraff
Norton, Justin Ryan 5-Nov-1990 8 Jan 1991








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