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Located 1616 Harrodsburg Road, Lawrenceburg KY 40342, by the Sand Spring Baptist Church
The recording of this cemetery was done in August 2014 by Rosemary McFarland.
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Haacke, Alpha Betty 13-Nov-1922 20-Oct-1972
Hail, Emily M. 1963 1963 Ritchie Peach Todd Funeral Home marker
Hall, Nettie Rose Cox 29-May-1932 6-Apr-1959
Hamilton, Helen G. 10-Mar-1913 23-Jan-1998 ossw Rev. Roy A.
Hamilton, Roy A. 12-Mar-1911 23-May-1993 ossw Helen G.
Hammond, Frank Elwood 5-Sep-1881 17-May-1963 ossw Susie S
Hammond, Susie Mae Smith 1879 1971 Middle and maiden name from family
Hanks, Alice Ray Phillips 31-Oct-1914 23-Mar-2005 ossw James Melburn
Hanks, Carol Delores August 17 1945 17-Aug-1945
Hanks, D. F. 1858 ossw Nannie N. KYDC DOD, age 86yr 5mo 22 da; COD: Diabetes Mellitus
Hanks, Della Mae Billups 17-Sep-1950 1-Aug-2010
Hanks, E. Clyde 6-Nov-1894 1-Dec-1967 ossw Margaret H. and Elise
Hanks, Edwin 17-May-1924 4-Jan-1988 WWII Marker
Hanks, Edwin Boswell 7-Jul-1948
Hanks, Elise 28-Aug-1920 7-Sep-1993 ossw E. Clyde and Margaret H.
Hanks, FloEtta Riddle 2-Sep-1922 31-Mar-2012 ossw John Turner
Hanks, Frances S. 21-Jun-1929 19-Aug-2001 ossw Edwin B.
Hanks, James Melburn 9-Dec-1914 17-Aug-1997 ossw Alice Ray
Hanks, John Turner 16-Jul-1916 28-Feb-1978 WWII Marker
Hanks, Julia 1894 1976
Hanks, Margaret H. 22-Oct-1899 28-Feb-1995 ossw E. Clyde and Elise
Hanks, Marion 30-Jan-1909 25-Sep-1977 ossw Selena Terhune
Hanks, Mildred Ann 16-May-1858 11-Mar-1939 ossw Turner P. KYDC COD bronchial pneumonia
Hanks, Nannie Nevius 12-Feb-1863 19-Oct-1929 ossw D.F. KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD Angina Pectoris
Hanks, Selena Terhune 1915 Jul-98
Hanks, Susie S. 1885 1970 ossw Walker
Hanks, Turner P. 1-Aug-1858 1-Nov-1926 ossw Mildred Ann KYDC COD ateriosclerosis/apoplexy
Hanks, Jasper Walker 23-Sep-1885 26-Jan-1949 ossw Susie S. KYDC gives all data; COD: Carcinoma layrnx
Harley, Duey M. 26-Jul-1925 9-Jul-2000 Military Stone
Harley, Etta Lee Howard 31-Dec-1930 22-Jun-2010 no grave found, listed as buried in Sand Spring
Hartman, Lelie Case Houchin 13-Oct-1916 13-Sep-2005
Hawkins, Andrew 1855 28-Mar-1939 KYDC gives DOD, age 83 yrs, 7 mos. 28da; COD paralysis following cerebral hemorrhage
Hawkins, Annie Hawkins 26-Feb-1858 7-Aug-1947 wife of Andrew KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD Hypostatic Pneumonia
Hawkins, Ben S. 6-Aug-1869 7-Oct-1959 ossw Linnie
Hawkins, Benjamin B. 1867 1953
Hawkins, Bettie 1862 1952
Hawkins, Carl Ray 25-Jun-1931 19-Jun-1994 ossw with Myrtle Ann;married Sept. 7, 1957 Korean War Marker
Hawkins, Dollens 16-Mar-1869 3-Apr-1916 KYDC gives DOD, age47 yrs,18da
Hawkins, Edward Bryan 2-Nov-1896 2-Jun-1965 ossw Susie Stratton
Hawkins, Felix Grundy Aug-1871 2-Jun-1956 ossw Gertrude
Hawkins, Gertrude Spaulding "Gertie" Dec-1882 7-Jun-1962 ossw Grundy
Hawkins, John S. 9-Jul-1857 4-Jun-1932 KYDC gives DOB, DOD,, COD cerebral hemorrhage
Hawkins, Joseph B. 13-Aug-1934 22-Jul-2014
Hawkins, Linnie 12-Apr-1897 13-Jul-1983 ossw Ben S.
Hawkins, Mary Lois 30-Sep-1927 16-Sep-2011
Hawkins, Mary Jane 10-Nov-1844 16-Jan-1929 family stone says "Hawkins" KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD arterioscleosis
Hawkins, Mattie 1852 4-Apr-1939 KYDC reads Martha Hawkins, single age 87yrs, 2mos, 1 d; DOD, COD Chronic Intersistial nephritis
Hawkins, Sallie 13-Mar-1940 KYDC gives age 75 yrs, 8 mos. 3da, DOD; COD Pulmonary tuberculosis
Hawkins, Myrtle Ann West 13-Jun-1937 12-Apr-1990 ossw Carl Ray
Hawkins, Susie Stratton 5-Mar-1899 8-Nov-1980 ossw Edward Bryan
Hawkins, William 29-Mar-1919 29-Mar-1919 no grave found,KYDC lists premature birth
Hawkins-Andrews, Dorothy B. 27-Sep-1924 2-Sep-1987
Hawkins-Andrews, Edward B. 7-Sept-1931 22-Feb-2010 ossw Dorothy
Hawthorn, James W. 1872 1962
Hawthorn, Martha Willis 1848 10-Apr-1939 "Granny" KYDC gives age 90 yrs.9mo. 22 da; DOD; COD arterosclerosis Heart disease
Hawthorne, Sarah Hendrix 21-May-1882 20-Oct-1953 KYDC gives all data; COD cerebral hemorrhage with paralysis no stone found 2014
Hawthorn, Susie P. 1885 1974 ossw James W
Hendricks, Harry E. 27-May-1874 27-Jun-1951 no grave found, listed as buried in Sand Spring
Hendricks, John Edward 25-Nov-1904 10-Apr-1952 no grave found, listed as buried in Sand Spring
Hendrix, J. H. 23-May-1845 24-Apr-1917 KYDC gives all data; COD Lobar pneumonia; DC spells Hendricks
Hendrix, Nancy Johnson 10-Dec-1851 23-Jul-1922 his wife; KYDC gives DOB 1850; DOD, COD Paralysis of rt. Side; DC spells last name Hendricks
Hobbs, Maud B. Ingram May-1885 15-Feb-1933 KYDC gives age 46 yr. 9 mo. 2 da; DOD; COD Tuberculosis of Larynx and Lungs
Holt, Marie Adams 30-Oct-1913 4-Nov-1951 KYDC gives all data; COD cancer of breast; no grave found
Houchin, Edward Lee 7-Jun-1922 25-Nov-1998 ossw Minnie, Opal, Quinnie WWII Marker
Houchin, Henry Coleman 22-Feb-1873 14-Feb-1956 ossw Mary Blacketer
Houchin, Louis Routt 1911 1954
Houchin, Mary Blacketer 27-Feb-1874 17-Oct-1953 ossw Henry Coleman KYDC COD Hypertensive Heart Disease
Houchin, Minnie Utterback 8-Jun-1905 30-Aug-1925 ossw Opal, Edward, and Quinnie COD Typhoid Fever
Houchin, Opal M. 26-Sep-1908 19-Jul-1977 ossw Quinnie, Minnie and Edward
Houchin, Quinnie W. 7-Dec-1901 5-Sep-1995 ossw Minnie, Opal and Edward
Howard, J. William 13-Oct-1845 30-Nov-1921 ossw Lucinda E KYDC gives full name; COD Chronic intersistial nephritis
Howard, Lucinda F. Smith 23-Sep-1854 24-Mar-1920 ossw J.W. KY DC spells name LuSinda gives DOD; COD Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Hughes, Albert M. 1897 1977 ossw Loraine
Hughes, Beulah Mae 1925 1935
Hughes, Fannie Lee 1-Mar-1877 15-Nov-1952
Hughes, Loraine N. 1899 1974 ossw Albert M
Hughes, R. W. 27-May-1861 27-Apr-1940 KYDCage 78yr, 11 mo COD Cerebral Hemorrhage, Hypertension
Hughes, Thomas 25-Apr-1847 4-May-1920 KYDC gives all info; COD Chronic Interstitial nephritis; no grave found
Hutchison, Itibird 1883 1956 ossw JR
Hutchison, James Rabe 28-Sep-1872 29-Jul-1953 ossw Itibird KYDC gives DOD yr 1873; gives DOB, DOD, COD Cancer of Prostate
Hutton, Horace L 1872 5-Mar-1936 ossw Onie Bond KYDC gives DOD, COD Cerebral hemorrhage
Hutton, Leona C. 20-Feb-1920
Hutton, Onie Bond 1884 1955 ossw Horace
Hutton, Robert 26-Mar-1866 12-Mar-1946 KY Inf marker
Hutton, William B. "Scrappy" 9-Jul-1910 21-Jan-1984
Ingram, Mary 23-Jun-1894 29-Nov-1947
Ingram, Mary Jane Sager 1856 18-Mar-1933 KYDC gives DOD; age 76 yr 6mo 4 da; COD acute colitis
Ingram, Sarah K. 2-Jul-1888 11-Nov-1968
Ingram, Tom 4-Nov-1908 9-Aug-1960 WWII Marker
Inman, Ella Katherine 9-Mar-1918 9-Nov-1918 KYDC COD Bronchial pneumonia; meningitis
Inman, Harry Lyen 17-Aug-1921 31-Jan-1923 KYDC gives all data; COD Capillary Bronchitis
Inman, Horace L. 1921 1929
Isaacs, Betty Bottom 1925 2005
Ison, Alice 20-Feb-1863 21-Feb-1962
Ison, J. C. 7-Oct-1901 2-Nov-1969
Ison, Mary Bond 16-Dec-1903 5-Feb-1989
Johnson, Betty Ruth Ingram 10-Aug-1913 19-Mar-1992
Johnson, Ida P. Hutton 24-Sep-1881 14-Feb-1977
Johnson, Lillard C. 1904 1976
Johnson, Lucy Gaines 1905 1995
Johnson, Malcom 20-Dec-1943 no photo KYDC gives all data; age 61yr 8 mo 28da; COD Cerebral apoplexy
Johnson, Tommy 21-Sep-1926 18-Aug-2004 ossw Wilma Brown
Johnson, W. T. 1877 1967
Johnson, Wilbur Thomas 21-Sep-1926 18-Apr-2004 Korea Military Marker
Johnson, William Carlos 1930 1979 Korea Military Marker
Johnson, Wilma Brown 5-Dec-1939 ossw Tommy








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