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Located 1616 Harrodsburg Road, Lawrenceburg KY 40342, by the Sand Spring Baptist Church
The recording of this cemetery was done in August 2014 by Rosemary McFarland.
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Elder, Etta Marie Cox 17-Jan-1858 22-Jan-1945 no stone KYDC gives DOD/DOB; COD lobar pneumonia;
Elder, John W. 5-Oct-1936 no stone KYDC gives DOD; age 80 yr. 9 mo, 4 da; COD Bowel Hemorrhage;
Elder, Manson, Jr. 21-May-1928 8-Aug-1928 KYDC gives DOD acute dysentery
Etherington, Grace C. 23-Mar-1907 10-Mar-1987
Etherington, Hirom Bronston 11-Aug-1900 30-Jan-1923 KYDC give last name Edrington; COD Tuberculosis of Lungs; Hemorrhage
Etherington, John Hart 30-May-1887 12-Sep-1965
Etherington, Nannie Lee 25-May-1903 6-Oct-1925 KYDC gives last name Edington; COD tuberculosis of Kidney
Etherington, Nina Lee Stratton 2-Mar-1878 15-Aug-1948 KYDC DOD paralysis following cerebral hemorrhage
Etherington, Nina Moore 14-Aug-1923 7-Dec-2001
Etherington, Robert Overton 9-Sep-1873 10-Nov-1942 KYDC age 69yrs 2mos1da COD coronary obstruction following angina pectoris
Etherington, Ruby Belle Phillips 25-May-1900 25-Jan-1985
Etherington, Velena Mae Gash 6-Dec-1911 25-Apr-1935
Etherington, Willard 25-Jan-1908 19-Aug-1988
Evans, James Newton Feb1866 5-Aug-1925 no stone KYDC DOB and DOD
Eversole, Jeanette M. 31-Mar-1947 24-Feb-2008
Faller, Mary Alice Hutton 26-Jan-1907 21-Mar-1926 KYDC gives all data; COD lobar pneumonia; no grave found
Fallis, Charles C. 6-Dec-1904 10-Mar-1979 ossw Noma Kays and Mary H.
Fallis, Gus D. 7-Jan-1906 14-May-1924
Fallis, Helen Bell Montgomery 3-Apr-1909 6-Oct-1972
Fallis, Mary H. 16-Jan-1916 21-Mar-1926 ossw Norma Kays and Charles C
Fallis, Norma Kays 17-Aug- 1909 22-Sep-1984 ossw Charles C and Mary H.
Fentress, Ruth Ann Wilson "Ruthie" 24-Nov-1943 13-Aug-2011
Fint, Gillie Frances 1851 1921
Fint, John David 1853 1934
Foster, James A. 3-Jan-1946 no stone KYDC 66 yrs 2mos 18 da; DOD; COD cerebral apoplexy due to hypertensive heart disease
Franklin, Ann Frey October 25 1932 27-Oct-1932 ossw Odis H. and Nora P. KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD: atelectasis
Franklin, Florence 1884 1966
Franklin, Benjamin Holmes 24-Apr-1875 1-Feb-1951 KYDC DOB, DOD,COD: acute dilation of heart
Franklin, Nora P. Franklin 1899 ossw Odis H. and Ann Frey
9-Jan-1904 20-Jun-1963
Frye, Brent Octolona 9-Jan-1883 24-Jun-1917 KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD: Tubercular meningitis
Frye, Statta Pearl Parsons 1-Jul-1892 13-Jan-1916 KYDC DOB, DOD, COD: Pulmonary and Laryngiall tuberculosis
Gaines, Ernestine Penny 19-Dec-1881 25-Jul-1950 KYDC gives DOB,DOD, COD: heat stroke
Gaines, Harlan T. 24-Jul-1902 14-May-1978 ossw Magdalene A.
Gaines, Magdalena H. 27-May-1903 5-Sep-1991 ossw Harlan T.
Gaines, Thomas S. 5-Mar-1868 21-Jul-1958 ossw Virginia F.
Gaines, Virginia F. 9-Jan-1880 28-Jan-1956 ossw Thomas S
Gaines, Wilber L. 1915 1919
Gaines, William L. 16-Jul-1912 28-Jul-1919 KYDC DOB, DOD, COD: Typhoid fever..
Gash, Ed 1874 1954
Gash, George Elmer 25-Feb-1880 18-Aug-1953 ossw Josephine
Gash, F. Lucille 1900 1903
Gash, Forest Everett 1883 1965 ossw Julia
Gash, Josephine Cox 1877 1963 ossw Elmer T
Gash, Julia Frances Phillips 1886 1974 ossw Forest
Gash, R. P. 1878 1945
Gash, Robert N. 8-Jan-1843 14-Nov-1936 KYDC COD: hyperstatic pneumonia following acute cold
Gash, Susan Ann Smith 14-Nov-1848 19-Jul-1923 KYDC COD: parasis contributory age
Gillis, James H. 14-Mar-1945 no stone KY DC gives all data age 84 yr. 11 mo. 9 da. ; COD Influenza
Gillis, Charles Edward 20-Aug-1920 24-Mar-2003 married September 6, 1947
Gillis, George Edgar 1875 26-Feb-1961
Gillis, Maggie Rhea Johnson 20-Jan-1886 2-Feb-1941 dates differ on stone/info provided by family; KYDC gives age 55 yrs. 13 da. COD: Hyperstatic pneumonia following influenza
Gillis, Margie Richardson 3-Jun-1929 ossw Charles E
Goff, Espy Royalty 1875 1954
Goff, James Royalty 26-Mar-1910 18-Aug-1953 ossw Mabel R. KYDC gives DOB, DOD, COD angina pectoris
Goff, James Wesley 1-March-1871 9-Dec-1951 KYDC COD coronary occlusion
Goff, Mabel R. 1911 incomplete date of death ossw James R
Goodlett, James C. 25-Apr-1933 17-Jul-2010
Gordon, Elsby 1875 17-Nov-1944 ossw Sarah KYDC DOD, COD: Paralysis following cerebral Hemorrhage
Gordon, Sarah 1882 1953 ossw Elsby
Gould, Rev Bert 1885 1944 ossw Dolly
Gould, Dolly 1876 1941 ossw Rev. Bert
Graves, Emma R. 7-Jul-1873 15-Feb-1967
Grider, Betty J. 9-Aug-1932
Grider, Len William "Dub" 22-Apr-1920 29-Nov-2002 ossw Betty J. WWII Marker
Grubbs, Billy Addison 1-Sep-1935
Grubbs, Elizabeth Mae Shelton 11-Jun-1937
Guinn, Oma Earl Morris 17-May-1880 17-Feb-1928 Married to Wiltshire Cardwell Sale 10 Oct 1906 . Married to Floyd Arthur Guinn 25 Jan 1921. Buried in unmarked grave to the right of the headstone of her first husband W. C. Sale








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