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Located 1616 Harrodsburg Road, Lawrenceburg KY 40342, by the Sand Spring Baptist Church
The recording of this cemetery was done in August 2014 by Rosemary McFarland.
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Caldwell, Austin Green 1866 1955
Caldwell, Benjamin Franklin 30-Apr-1921 3-Apr-1989
Caldwell, Margaret Watts 9-Nov-1920 31-Oct-2004 ossw Benjamin F
Carpenter, Ruth Ann Phillips March 25 1960 3-Nov-2001 wife of Garry D.
Carrow, Albert 1879 1948 ossw May
Carrow, May Toll 1880 3-Feb-1937 ossw Albert KyDC gives DOD; COD cerebral hemmorahage; age 56 yrs. 7mos, 19da.
Carter, Charles Lewis 1907 1978
Carter, Lucy B. 1871 1933 ossw Wilford G.
Carter, Lutie Eubanks 1880 3-Feb-1945 KYDC gives DOD; COD Nephritis chronic
Carter, Myrtle L. 27-Apr-1909 15-Mar-1991
Carter, Oscar Lealus 9-Oct-1908 8-May-1952 monument and a footstone with dates KyDC gives first name and COD Coronary Thrombosis
Carter, T. C. 1881 1962
Carter, Wilford G. 1894 It is possible, he is buried in Frankfort Cemetery, Plot U, Section 6, grave 1.
Casey, Mary Frances 1925 1998 Gordon Funeral Home Marker
Casey, Mary L. 1880 1960 ossw R. B.
Casey, Robert Burton 11-Nov-1871 1-Mar-1953 ossw Mary L. KY DC gives DOB and DOD dates; COD Carcinoma of Prostate
Catlett, Laura Maxine Toll July 23 1916 12-Dec-1997 buried next to sisters, Lucille DeGraff and Etta Noel
Chapman, Mary W. 20-Aug-1862 27-Mar-1918
Chapman, Mary Fallis 1838 25-Apr-1918 Bright's Disease; no stone
Chilton, Ben Tom 5-Dec-1904 18-Apr-1950 KY DC gives all info: COD Miliary Tuberculosis due to Pulmonary Tuberculosis; no stone
Chilton, Connie Purvis 15-Sep-1943 18-Nov-2008 ossw Thomas Leon Chilton
Chilton, David 14-Oct-1952 14-Oct-1952 ossw Robert
Chilton, Donald H. "Tuckels" 17-Oct-1940 27-May-1993
Chilton, Huntley H. 1900 1966
Chilton, Jennie Lou February 25 1942 ossw Annie Bond
11-Apr-1937 age 72yrs 21 da; no stone
Chilton, Joe Earl 1898 1941
Chilton, Mary D. Crutchfield 26-Apr-1938 age 75 yr. 8 mo. 9 da; KYDC gives DOD; COD Infulenza Pneumonia; no stone
Chilton, Mertie Hawkins 1866 1956
Chilton, Robert 14-Oct-1952 14-Oct-1952 ossw David
Chilton, Thomas Leon 15-Dec-1930 7-Apr-1990 ossw Connie Purvis
Chrisman, Terry Lee 4-Jan-1941 4-Jan-1998 h/o Alice Rose Toler
Clark (Stillborn male) 4-Apr-1924 4-Apr-1924 KYDC; no stone
Cochnower, Minnie W. Crossfield 9-Aug-1890 20-Dec-1969
Coke, Charles E. 18-Jun-1907 27-Dec-1990
Coke, Goldie S. 7-May-1914 9-Jun-2003
Cole, Christopher Bruce 5-Aug-1988 27-Oct-1998
Cole, David Shelton 5-Aug-1988 27-Oct-1998
Cornett, Thelma Lee 1-Aug-1932 5-Feb-2000
Covert, Charles Russell 22-Nov-1900 21-Oct-1941
Covbert, Charles 16-Jun-1875 25-Jun-1928 Tuberculosis of Lungs hard to read name on KYDC
Covert, Minnie August 28 1883 2-Dec-1960 ossw Charley Covert
Cowan, Earl 25-Nov-1941 no stone
Cox, Brenda J. August 11 1946 26-Jan-2005 w/o John A.
Cox, Clarence Roger 24-Feb-1934 3-Sep-1989
Cox, Florence H. 23-Oct-1912 28-Feb-1969 ossw Victor M.
Cox, Frank Parks 11-Mar-1906 5-Jan-1983
Cox, John Russell 9-Sep-1904 11-Dec-1982
Cox, Nettie Parks 2-Jan-1867 11-Oct-1950 KY DC gives COD as senile
Cox, Victor M. 16-Jun-1911 7-Sep-1989 ossw Florence H.
Cox, William Henry "Billy, Bouger" 25-Oct-1970 2-Dec-2009
Cox, Wilma Jean "Sissy" 15-Aug-1958 9-Jul-2005
Crain, Charles W. 30-May-1927 26-Apr-1998 married July 31, 1948 to Frances Smith
Crain, Frances Lucille Smith 26-April-1924 22-Feb-1998 married July 31, 1948 to Charles W.
Crossfield, Edward 1886 1956
Crossfield, Herman Evert March 1 1910 23-May-1995 WWII marker
Crossfield, Iva Myrtle September 22 1893 17-Sep-1968 ossw John E married Jan.27, 1909
Crossfield, John Eldridge May 12 1888 5-Feb-1963 ossw Iva married Jan.27, 1909
Crossfield, Maggie 1887 1982
Crossfield, Nannie 1854 1929
Crossfield, William G. "Bill" 5-Apr-1927 21-Jun-1994
Cunningham, Barbara J. 26-Jan-1938 26-Jan-1938 KYDC gives DOB/DOD; COD stillborn cause unknown
Cunningham, David R. 1872 1965 ossw Mary E
Cunningham, Elmer J. 10-Nov-1888 17 Jul 1890
Cunningham, Emma B. 28-Oct-1853 26-Feb-1959
Cunningham, Frances N. 1908 1997 ossw Richard
Cunningham, James H. 8-Dec- 20 Nov 1892
Cunningham, John P. 1950 1950 ossw Barbara and Mary Ann
Cunningham, Mary Ann 1939 1960 ossw Barbara and John P
Cunningham, Mary E. 1888 1929 ossw David R
Cunningham, Richard 1904 1975 ossw Frances N.
Curd, Pearl Hawthorne 8-Feb-1889 23-Aug-1935
Curtsinger, Aline Burgess 3-Dec-1922 15 Dec 1976 ossw Gillmond Sr.
Curtsinger, Anthony Wayne "Tony" 21-May-1962 3-Feb-1963
Curtsinger, Jean 1960 2006 Gash Memorial Chapel marker
Curtsinger, Gillmond E. 30-Dec-1910 25-Nov-1990 ossw Aline Burgess
Curtsinger, Gillmond E., Jr. 16-Mar-1930 28-Mar-2013
Curtsinger, Margaret A. 11-Jun-1930 1-Nov-2005
Curtsinger, Robert Inman "Bobby" 9-August-1941 8-Jun-2004 ossw Anthony Wayne Curtsinger
Dale, Effie Robinson 1889 ossw John William
Dale, John William 1884
Dale, Ruby Frances 6-Nov-1956 17-May-1955
Daugherty, William Andrew "Andy" 10-Jul-1973 26-Dec-1999
Davenport, Jackie Y. 15-Feb-1950 31-Jan-2013
Davis, Michael Lee 3-Oct-1953 1-Oct-2008
DeGraff, Lucille Toll 23-Jan-1911 3-Dec-2002 Next to sisters, Laura and Etta
Dennis, Karen Jo Grubbs 20-Mar-1958 21-Sep-2007
DeWitt, Madge M. 7-Feb-1908 8-Jun-1991 ossw Roscoe O.
DeWitt, Ronnie K. 1963 1963 funeral home marker
DeWitt, Roscoe E. 1941 1986 ossw Lillian G.
DeWitt, Roscoe O. 3-Mar-1892 18-Nov-1960 ossw Madge
Doss, Charles E. 29-Apr-1936 12-Oct-1979 ossw Oma, his mother
Doss, James Ellsworth 13-Oct-1925 10-Apr-1994 WWII Marker
Doss, Oma 27-Jan-1900 19-Dec-1990 ossw her son, Charles
Doss, William Lee "Billy" 4-Aug-1931 24-Sep-1992 Korea Marker
Driscoll, Catherine Phillips 1917 ossw Wm. Horace
Driscoll, David Lee 21-Jun-1951 11-Apr-2008 Ritchie Peach Funeral Home marker
Driscoll, William Horace 1908 1991
Drury, Alvin Doffice 25-Aug-1923 11-Jan-2003 WWII Marker
Drury, Nellie Riley 6-Mar-1927
Duran, Gabriella 3-Aug-2005 3-Aug-2005
Durr, William R., Jr. "Bill" 6-Jan-1936 10-Oct-2007








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