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Located 1616 Harrodsburg Road, Lawrenceburg KY 40342, by the Sand Spring Baptist Church
The recording of this cemetery was done in August 2014 by Rosemary McFarland.
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Adams, Curtis L. 1906 1979 WWII Marker
Adams, Ruby 26-Feb-1942 36yrs. 6mo. 2da. KY DC gives info; no stone
Akins, Laura Jane Brown 6 Jul 1950 12-Jun-2006 Funeral Home Marker
Akins-Doan, Johnnie J. 19 Feb 1906 18-May-1963
Akins-Doan, Ruby Stucker 29-Apr-1906 1-Mar-1991
Akins-Doan, William T. 2-Aug-1925 14-Aug-1978 Husband ossw Ruby and Johnnie
Allen, Betty Ozella Stratton "Babe" 30-Nov-1936 4-Jan-1971 Affectionately known as Babe
Alsman, Edith Riley 8-Mar-1902 11-May-1940
Alsman, John William 22-Nov-1925 18-Jan-1971 WWII Marker
Austin, James Robert 20-Aug-1886 24-May-1964
Austin, Nell Redmon 3-Dec-1898 29-Nov-1994 first husband was Jess Hyatt
Baker, Bonny Bottom 29-Sep-1929 23-Sep-1973
Baker, Curtis 2-Jul-1905 7-Oct-1918 KyDC cause of death: Typhoid fever with peritonitis
Baker, Espy 16-Apr-1871 13-Oct-21
Baker, James E. 25-Jun-1894 7-Dec-1982
Baker, Margaret Pearl 10-Aug-1922 28-Dec-2011
Baker, Sally Hanks 1892 1955 ossw Walter Lee
Baker, Walter Lee 1888 1962 WWI Military Marker
Baxter, Amos L. 1894 1979 ossw Blanche Baxter
Baxter, Blanche McMichael 1909 1981 ossw Amos L.
Baxter, Ethel Phillips 31-May-1898 2-Feb-1925 KYDC gives DOB and DOD info; COD Pyelites
Beals, Mollie Oliver Houchin 4-Nov-1940 14-Apr-72
Beasley, George 1877 1961 ossw Nora
Beasley, Nora 1894 1975 ossw George
Beeson, Nellie P. 1910 1968
Bentley, Bobby 4-Nov-1930 18-Oct-1942
Bentley, Diamond P., Sr. 1848 15-Feb-1919 4th KY MTD INF
ossw Mary E
Ky DC gives DOB 5 Aug 1850; COD Tuburcular nephritis
Bentley, Mary E. 1860 1846 ossw Diamond P.
Bentley, Diamond P., Jr. 21-Feb-1899 27-Aug-1931
Best, Martha Samuels 16-Jan-39 84 yrs. 18 da. no stone KYDC COD Lobar Pneumonia;
Birdwhistell, Alvin Felix 16-Jul-1921 27-Aug-1993
Birdwhistell, Anna Irene Moore 22-Dec-1921 25-Mar-2002 ossw Julian
Birdwhistell, Ezra Cleveland 11-Jan-1885 31-Jul-1967 ossw Nellie
Birdwhistell, Julia Garnet 4-Oct-1919 15-Dec-1919 COD lobar pheumonia
Birdwhistell, Julian Howard 8-Dec-1922 14-Nov-2011 ossw Anna Irene Military Marker WWII
Birdwhistell, Marvin E. 30-Sep-1923 4-Jan-1967 Son Military Marker WWII
Birdwhistell, Mayme Hawkins 22-Dec-1902 18-Sep-1993 ossw Marvin E
Birdwhistell, Nellie Phillips Jun-1889 10-May-1961
Birdwhistle, Quennie 24-May-1935 no stone KyDC gives age 1yr 9mo24da;
COD Tubercular meningitis;
Birdwhistell, Wallace Lynn 24 May 1896 26-Aug-1926 KyDC gives DOB and DOD info;
COD Tuberculosis of Brain and Bowels
Bixler, Martha Alice Duncan 1-Sep-1851 1-Mar-1935 KYDC DOB and DOD; COD Angina Pectoris
Bixler, Otha R. 1846 31-Oct-1933 KyDC gives age 87 yrs, 3mos, 24 da;
COD mitrovalve regurgatation
Blacketer, Anne Colvin 1845 15-Nov-1938 KY DC gives age about 84;
died as result of accidental fall brusing head and cuts
Bond, Anna May 13-May-1937 ossw Jennie Lou Chilton SISTERS
Bond, Blan D. 8-Feb-1891 19-Oct-1948
Bond, Jefferson Davis 19-Oct-1864 16-May-1912 KY DC gives name and COD as chronic interstistial nephritis
Bond, John T. 1899 1925 ossw Maggie
Bond, Maggie V. 1865 1936 ossw John T
Bond, Rose Utterback 1882 1980 ossw Walter H.
Bond, Walter H. 5-May-1880 12-Apr-1948 ossw Rose U. KY DC gives COD as mitral insufficiency
Bond (Stillborn Infant) 11-Aug-1918 11-Aug-1918 no stone KY DC gives data
Booker, Flora Hedger 1884 1972 ossw Richard E
Booker, Richard E. 1889 1986 ossw Flora H minister
Boston, Louis Oct-1860 7-Mar-1926 no stone KYDC gives DOD and DOB;
COD chronic interstitial nephritis;
Boston, Mollie Hoffman 19-Feb-1938 no stone KY DC gives age as 78 yr, 5mo, 10 days
COD angina pectoris;
Boston, Robert 6-Feb-1922 6-Feb-1922 no stone KyDC gives DOD and DOB;
COD premature birth;
Bottom, Florence Roney 1886 1966 ossw Robert L.
Bottom, Lucile Marie 1918 7-Oct-1919 KyDC gives age 1yr, 5mos, 24da;
COD interocolitis
Bottom, Marzette 21-Jul-1920 8-Mar-1924 KyDC gives DOB and DOD dates;
COD Influenza with Double Pneumonia
Bottom, Robert L. 1887 1979 ossw Florence Roney
Bowman, James 18-Dec-1924 4-Dec-2007 ossw Ocie T.
Bowman, Ocie T. 24-Oct-1932 30-Mar-1985 ossw James
Bowman, Maggie Pearl Stratton 19-Sep-1889 1-Oct-1950 ossw Wade E. Carcinoma of ovary
Bowman, Wade E. 1887 1974
Brinegar, Dakota Lee 19-Oct-1997 25-Nov-1997
Briscoe, William S. 5-Aug-1911 7-Mar-1986
Broughton, Cynttra Hudson 17-May-1845 29-Apr-1919 no stone KyDC gives DOB and DOD;
COD Paralysis and old age
Brown, Betty J. 5-Nov-1936 19-Jun-2003
Brown, Charles Klem 1917 2002 ossw Mary P
Brown, George T. 19-Dec-1873 1-Dec-1950
Brown, James D. 20-Oct-1932 16-Jan-1988
Brown, James M. 7-May-1869 16-Jul-1954 ossw Mary A.
Brown, Jessie Mae Houchin 8-Mar-1892 12-Oct-1940 ossw John S. COD Cancer of stomach
Brown, John S. 1892 1961 ossw Jessie Mae
Brown, Keith Allison 20-Nov-1968 20-Nov-1968
Brown, Mary A. 26-June-1884 27-Jul-1971 ossw James M
Brown, Mary Elizabeth Penn 4-Mar-1920 26-May-2007 ossw Charles Klem
Brown, Mattie Catherine Fallis 5-Feb-1871 ossw George T. Brown KyDC gives name Marthy Catherine, DOB and DOD; COD cattaral pneumonia
Brown, Melissa Jayne 14-Jan-1971 7-Apr-2013
Brown, Paul Andrew 31-May-1923 2-Jun-1923 no stone Ky DC gives DOB and DOD no COD
Brown, Onos J. 1904 1957 ossw Vurley S
Brown, Vadie Shelton 14-Dec-1919 16-Dec-1966 ossw Walter
Brown, Vurley S. 1912 1988 ossw Onus J
Brown, Walter Marvin 14-Feb-1914 17-Sep-1996 ossw Vadie
Brumback, Margaret Louise Springate 28-Apr-1918 27-Aug-2009 Full name Margaret Louise Springate Chilton Brumback
Bryant, James Hollis 16-Mar-1907 17-Oct-1944 ossw Viola Mae
Bryant, John Will 27-July-1920 27-Jul-1912 Error with DOB, child was premature; COD inauntion; no stone
Bryant, Marvin Frank 1929 1930
Bryant, Viola Mae 4-Nov-1911 ossw James Hollis
Burford, Flora J. 1854 1935
Burford, James Allen 4-Apr-1891 16-Apr-1917 convulsions
Burford, John W. 1853 1928
Burgin, Blain Allen 15-Aug-1999 15-Aug-1999 ossw Margaret W








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