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This cemetery is on the left side of the road in the trees on Hwy 53 just over the Bluegrass Parkway.
JS Drury transcribed the stones in 1977 and noted that it was behind a trailer in the trees, and the trailer was still there in 2008.
It is a large cemetery surrounded by a crumbling rock wall, however tombstones and fieldstone markers were only found in one quarter of the area.
A handwritten note on JS Drury’s transcript indicates that Robert Brown and Zerilda Rutherford Brown may have fieldstone markers.


  Birth Date

Death Date


Hoskins, William C. 12 Jul 1820 12 Jan 1861 Consort of Sarah Hoskins
Rutherford1 Judy 28 Jan 1800 30 Jan 1857 Wife of John
Rutherford2, John 11 Oct 1798 4 Jan 1875 Consort of Judy
Rutherford, Lucy 30 Oct 1822 17 Oct 1905

1There are two stones for Judy. One is intact but of soft stone, and the other is in the style of the markers for WC Hoskins and John Rutherford but broken into several pieces.
2Dates are from earlier transcription. The stone is broken and scattered and only a few pieces were found with a probe.

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