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This cemetery is at 1776 Bond's Mill Road on property owned by Nellie Perry (in 2010).
The rock walled-enclosure can be seen from the road; and is in the side yard of the house.
Richard and Mildred Burris Paxton are the maternal grandparents of James Cash Penney Jr.,
who started the well-known chain of department stores.
His parents, JC Sr. and Mary Frances (Fannie) Paxton Penney, emigrated to Missouri.
It was reportedly JC Penney Jr that had the stone wall surrounding the cemetery built
on finding the original fence dilapidated on a visit to Kentucky.


Birth Date

Death Date


Cunningham, Willie 26 Sep 1868 20 Oct 1870 s/o F & EJ Cunningham1
Paxton, Infant 23 Dec 1865 d/o JE & ME Paxton (single date)
Paxton, Infant 1 Dec 1856 d/o JE & ME Paxton (single date)
Paxton, James E. 11 Oct 1864 25 Jan 1867 s/o JE & ME Paxton
Paxton, Mildred 19 Dec 1811 3 Apr 1885 w/o RH Paxton
Paxton, Richard H. 5 Apr 1808 27 Feb 1878 Consort of Mildred Paxton
Paxton, Sallie A. 21 Dec 1866 w/o GB Paxton; Age 21 yrs, 3 m, 28 d
Paxton, Walker T. 25 Mar 1858 31 Dec 1866 s/o JE & ME Paxton
Penney, Infant 2 Jan 1867 s/o JC & Fanny Penney2

In: Anderson County, KY Marriages 1831-1875, compiled by RP Moore
1Francis Cunningham, 22, m. Ella J. Paxton, 20, on 12 Dec. 1867
2James C. Penney, 21, res. Caldwell Co., Mo. M. Fannie M. Paxton, 20, b., res. Anderson Co., KY on 26 Sep 1862.

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