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This cemetery is on Drydock Road on property owned by the Wade family. It is in a pasture under a clump of trees.
All the stones were down, however we were able to find/dig up and reset a few on their bases.
The earlier transcription by Hugh Hawkins had only four stones, two of which we were unable to find.
Also found were a fieldstone marker, one blank partial stone, and three broken bases.
Updated 30 September 2007 T. Graham, D. Sengel, D. Childs, K. Jacques

Information in red is added or differs from the earlier transcription


Birth Date

Death Date


Arberry, Sallie 7 Sep 1843 3 May 1871
McKee, Benjamin W. 21 Mar 1816 31 Dec 1849
McKee, Henry 21 Mar 1791 4 Jan 1853 Stone not found in 2007
McKee, John A. 5 Jul 1817 22 Mar 1893 Husband of Narcissus
McKee, Narcissus 10 Oct 1817 1 Jan 1894 Wife of John
McKee, Ommy Lee 4 Feb 1872 30 Dec 1893
McKee, Walker 5 Mar 1833 26 Jun 1860
Wilson, George W. 15 May 1855 2 May 1875 Son of Thomas J. & Martha Wilson Stone not found in 2007
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