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On the Roach farm 1 mile west of Hwy 127 on the Glensboro Road (Hwy 44). About 200 yards away on the south side of the road,
enclosed by a stone wall. Cemetery recorded and photographed September 24, 2005; and the transcription compared with one done in 1947
and included in ‘Family Graveyards in Anderson, Mercer and Washington Counties’.

There are 31 stones that are either readable or that can be understood given the earlier transcription.
A few headstones are entirely unreadable; and the back half of the cemetery contains several fieldstone markers and/or broken stones.
It is evident that down trees and brush have been cleared from this half of the cemetery;
and given that 3 of the stones not listed on the 1947 transcription
are in this half it is possible that at the time of the earlier transcription it was too overgrown to find the stones.


  Birth Date

Death Date


Dedman, Eliza Wallace1 Sep 8 1850 Daughter of Wm. W. & Fannie Dedman Aged 2 yrs 3 mos & 15 ds
When will the morning come
Dedman, Fannie2 Mar 2 1827 Oct 28 1851 Wife of Wm. W. Dedman Daughter of A & M McBrayer
Dedman, Mary Sea3 Mar 30 1812 Jul 26 1857 Our Mother
Garvey, Kate Feb 24 1825 Apr 29 1856 Wife of J.P. Garvey, Daughter of A. & M. McBrayer ‘Her life was without reproach’
McBrayer, Andrew Oct 20 1778 May 16 1839 A man honest, humble and consistent
A husband tender, fond, devoted
A father indulgent, kind, affectionate
McBrayer, Ann Matilda4 Daughter of Rob C & Jane McBrayer
McBrayer, Henrietta Feb 15 1827 Apr 14 1851 Wife of W.H. McBrayer, Daughter of John & Ann Daviess
McBrayer, Infant5 Oct 26 (1849?) Son of W.H. & H. McBrayer
McBrayer, James Andrew Oct 13 1839 Oct 8 1859
McBrayer, James Mortimer Oct 25 1820 Mar 21 1849 A son endearing and endeared
A brother kind and affectionate
A Christian firm in hope and confidence
Of a glorious inheritance at the right hand of the Father
McBrayer, John Allen Oct 3, 1817 Mar 23 1850 Stone broken, other half missing
McBrayer, Martha Andrew7 May 12 1853 Our Sister
McBrayer, Martha8 Dec 7 1802 Oct 18 1832 Stone laying on the ground
McBrayer, Martha9 Mar 22 1789 Apr 30 1861 Death that loves a shining mark has called her home, She has gone before and is beckoning us to follow after
McBrayer, Robert C.10 Sep 10 1843 Aged 34 years
McBrayer, Walker (Stone settled into ground: dates unreadable) Son of R.C. & Jane McBrayer
McBrayer, Wm. Jan 5 1820 In the 66th year of his age
An honest man, the noblest work of God.

(First transcription reads 1890)
McBrayers, James8 Jan 9, 1801 Fieldstone marker
McBrayers, Jane 8 1796 Fieldstone marker
Railey, Andrew Charles Aug 2 1836 Dec 20 1839 Son of Tarlton and Sarah Railey
Railey, Sarah McBrayer 5th Oct M__ 21 Consort of ___ R___ and daughter of ___ Andrew ___
Roach, Allen Jan 29 1859 Mar 30 1955
Roach, Bailey Jan 10 1835 Mar 1 1902 An amiable father here lies at rest
As ever God with his image blest
The friend of man, the friend of truth
The friend of age, the guide of youth
Roach, Charley Jan 6 1878 Oct 12 1886 Son of Baily and Lutecia Roach
Suffer the little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of heaven
Stone is laying on top of the wall. A footstone with initials CR is next to Melissa C. Roach
Roach, Lutitia Oct 31 1841 Mar 15 1935 Wife of B. Roach
Roach, Melissa C. Feb 8 1866 Feb 17 1887 Daughter of Bailey and Lutecia Roach
Gone from among us but still remembered
Roach, Minnie F. Apr 19 1868 Dec 31 1900 Daughter of B & L Roach
Sea, Ann Mary May 11 1843 Aged 10 days Infant daughter of R._ & Mary Sea
Sea, Robert B.12 Jul 27 1838 Oct 18 1839
Sea, Robert W.13 Apr 15 1810 Sept __ 1845 Stone is leaning against a tree, broken in half
UNREADABLE14 (Sherman, Jane McBrayer) Stone fell face down. Footstone says ‘Mrs. J.S.’ Probably Jane McBrayer Sherman

In the 1947 transcription:
1Not listed. There is an Elizabeth, d/o WW & F Dedman Sept 8 1850-Dec 8 1852.
2Death date Oct 28 1851
3Wife of RW Sea, d/o/ A & M McBrayer, death date Jul 2 1857
4Not listed (There is an Annie R, d/o RC and Jane McBrayer, Aug 30 1840 – Jul 28 1841
5Not listed
6John Allen McBrayer, s/o A&MB McBrayer, Oct 3 1817 – Mar 23 1850
7Born 1832
8Not listed. These markers are in the back half of the cemetery, which looks to have been cleared of overgrowth and down trees.
9Martha Blackwell McBrayer, w/o A. McBrayer
10Robert Claiborne McBrayer, born May 10 1809
11Sarah McBrayer Railey, Oct 5 1815 - ________, wife of Tarlton Railey, daughter of A&MB McBrayer
12July 24
13Died Sept 25, 1845
14Jane McBrayer Sherman, Dec 14 1812 – Oct 31 1865

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