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On private property near the road at 1268 Puckett Rd.
It has been vandalized, and many of the stones are broken, down or separated from bases.
Marked graves are in the front half of the cemetery (nearest the road).
No inscribed stones are evident in the back half, however there are a few fieldstones.
The remains of a once-large cabin with stone chimneys are nearby.

Transcribed and photographed 30 December 2005 Kate Jacques and Deborah Childs


  Birth Date

Death Date


Barnes Mary J. ___ 20, 1848 None readable Wife of William H.
Martin Allen J. May 10, 1874 Dec 21, 1876 Son of William T. & Maranda J. Aged 2 yrs, 7 ms, 11 days
Martin Edward Apr 24, 1869 Aged 66 years
Martin George A. Sept 10, 1862 Oct 21, 1876 Son of William T. & Maranda J. Aged 14 yrs, 1 m, 11 days
Martin Jeremiah A. Sep 30 1835 Feb 7, 1858
Martin Lydia A. Dec 23, 1808 Sep 18, 1872 Wife of Edward Martin
Thacker Ann Liddia Aug 26, 1861 Dec 17, 1903 Dearest sister thou hast left us
Here thy loss we deeply feel,
But tis God that has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal.
Thacker Catherine P. Aug 16, 1829 Feb 1, 1897 Wife of John B. Thacker
JBT* John B. Nov 6, 1830 Aug 3 1864 No headstone, only initial footstone,
however an earlier transcript (Mrs. JC Franklin) notes the name and dates.

*Footstone of John B. Thacker?

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