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This cemetery, surrounded by a crumbling rock wall, is in the trees along US 62 near Fox Creek just past the driveway
at 2360 Bardstown Rd. (about 0.25 m past the village of Fox Creek).
There are probably three rows of head/footstone combinations (12-15 graves?), but inscriptions have worn, and the rest are fieldstones.

Buried here are Francis and Fannie Lightfoot Hackley, daughter Zilpha and her husband Asa Coombs, and their children.
The graveyard was identified as the Hackley Graveyard today (2008) by photos of the house
and graveyard in ‘A History of the Henry and Hackley Families’ by Bessie Henry (Indiana Printing Co 1975), which is in the KHS library in Frankfort.
The photos of the graves of Francis and Fanny were noted to have been taken in 1947; and it was further noted that the inscriptions were then readable.
Mrs. George (Mary) Eaton, who took the photos, also left a list of those known to be buried in this graveyard in the Anderson Co. Library in 1961.
Dates are taken from bible transcriptions.


  Birth Date

Death Date


Hackley, Francis1 6 May 1740 17 Jul 1811
Hackley, Fanny Lightfoot1 19 Feb 1753 10 Oct 1825 Wife of Francis
Coombs, Asa2 26 Nov 1770 7 Oct 1807
Coombs, Zilpha Hackley2 26 Jan 1775 17 Oct 1850 w.o. Asa; d.o. Francis & Fannie
Coombs, Francis Zilpha2 14 Sep 1845 30 Jun 1860 d.o. JD & Almira Coombs
Coombs, Mary Catherine2 15 Oct 1843 19 Aug 1844 d.o. JD & Almira Coombs
Coombs, James Asa2 14 Apr 1851 1859 s.o. JD & Almira Coombs
Brown2,3 Maria Coombs 13 Jan 1837 3 Mar 1860 d.o. JD & Almira Coombs
Coombs, Almira Oakes 18 Dec 1814 2 Sep 1858 w.o. John D. Coombs4

1Dates from ‘A History of the Henry and Hackley Families’ (B. Henry)
2Dates from Family Bible of Thomas Monroe Coombs and Louisa Coombs (KHS)
3In: Anderson Co KY Marriages 1931-1875: Henry C(or S). Brown, 31, b. Nelson Co., res. Spencer Co. m. Ann Maria Combs, 16, b., res. Anderson Co., 16 Feb 1854 (C) father in person, (S) John D. Combs, (M) Wm. G. Hobbs. 4John D. Coombs (1881) buried in Christiansburg Cemetery., Shelby Co., KY

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