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Thirty-five tombstones and 5-6 fieldstone markers are in this small family cemetery
near the Anderson/Franklin Co. line (2.8 m north of the 151/512 intersection at Alton). It is overgrown,
and has evidently been the victim of vandalism with several stones either knocked over or obviously moved.

This cemetery contains members of the Robert Elliot and Permelia Lane Collins
extended family and most probably several slaves. Only two stones inside the cemetery have dates
since 1900, however the four in the list dated 1949, 1960, 1980 and 1981
are outside the older (and overgrown) part of the cemetery closer to the road.


  Birth Date

Death Date


Armstrong, Charlie R. 16 Sept 1894 15 Dec 1894 s.o. A & P Armstrong
A little time on earth he spent
Til God for him his angel sent.
Burks, Dana Michelle 1975 1975 Gash funeral home marker
Broken stone next to Affia Lowen
Collins, Benjamin L. 10 May 1887 28 Aug 1888 s.o. WHH and EJ Collins
Collins, E. Ann Mariah 12 Apr 1844 10 Sep 1844
Collins Edward A. 12 Apr 1865 23 Aug 1867 s.o. J.E. & L.A. Collins
Same stone as twin brother Nevel L._
To hold on high
By taking first this little lamb
Collins, Eliza 19 Apr 1817 BLANK Wife of W.B. Collins
Collins, Elizabeth 12 Apr 1844 10 Sep 1844 d.o. J.E. & L.A. Collins
Collins, Ernest U. 17 May 1863 24 Oct 1866 i.s.o. R.E. and P. Collins
Only lent to show us how very bright Heaven is.
Collins, Joseph S. 30 Apr 1846 2 Feb 1868 s.o. R.E. and P. Collins
None knew him but to love
Collins, Kittie H. 22 Oct 1878 15 Nov 1882 d.o. Samuel J. and Mary A. Collins
They grew in beauty side by side
And filled one home with glee
Their graves are revered far and wide
By mount and stream and sea.
Collins, Mary A.B. . 8 Apr 1839 11 May 1883 w.o. S.J. Collins
A light from our household is gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our hearts
That never can be filled
Collins, Mary A.E. . 15 Jan 1842 8 Jul 1845 d.o. H.H. and E. Collins
Same stone as Thomas L
Collins, Mary Ann 6 July 1864 Wife of Thomas Collins
There is rest in Heaven alone (Stone broken)
Collins, Minnie 21 May 1861 21 Aug 1867 d.o. J.E. & L.A. Collins Minnie’s gone our gentle little lamb
The angels whispered ‘parents be calm’
For she’s with us in Heaven above;
She was loved on earth, in Heaven she’s loved.
Collins, Nevel T. 12 Apr 1865 17 Aug 1867 s.o. J.E. & L.A. Collins
(Same stone as twin brother Edward A.)
Collins, Permelia Emmer 8 Feb 1855 10 Jan 1856 d.o. TY & M Collins
Aged 11 mos & 2 d
That does not fade away
Collins, Robert E. 24 Dec 1813 22 Jun 1882 The angel of light came softly one night
And carried my husband away
All that was left to our loving sight
Was the darling casket of clay
We knew decay’s effacing finger
Would sweep the lines where beauty lingered
Silently and sadly we laid it away
To rest til the morn of Judgment Day
NB: This stone is laying on its side. The bottom possibly has the inscription of Permelia Lane Collins, his wife.
Collins, Robert G. 3 May 1840 14 Jan 1857 stone knocked down by a falling tree
Collins, Samuel J. 22 Jan 1830 28 Jul 1887
Collins, Thomas L. 7 May 1844 27 Apr 1846 s.o. H.H. and E. Collins
Same stone as Mary A.E.
Collins, William B. 7 Jul 1819 7 Jul 1893 Same stone as Eliza
Curtsinger, Dora 1894 1949 w.o. Edgar
Curtsinger, Edgar 1890 1980 h.o. Dora
Curtsinger, Elizabeth 1925 1932
Garrett, Lillie 13 Oct 1868 11 Jun 1898
Garrett, Mary A. 6 Jan 1848 12 Aug 1938 Mother
Garrett, W.T. 1841 1916
Green, Lulie B. 10 Apr 1885 11 Jun 1885 d.o. D. & M.E. Green
Sleep on sweet babe
And take thy rest
God called her home
When he thought best
Lowen, Affia 8 Aug 1868 Wife of Benj. Lowen Aged 70 yrs
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord
Lowen, Martha Jane 15 Jan 1828 5 Jan 1901
Lowens, William 3 Nov 1821 7 Aug 1901
Marshall, Wanda Sue 1959 1960 Gash funeral home marker
McMillon, Deanna 1981 1981 Gash funeral home marker
Perkins, W.P. 1857 1904 Gone but not forgotten
Watts, Edward B. 19 Oct 1879 BLANK
Watts, Iva Garrett 22 Feb 1876 15 Mar 1908 w.o. Edward B.
Oh darling how we loved her,
Oh how hard to give her up
But an angel came down for her
And removed her from our flock
Watts, Joseph Garrett 5 Feb 1908 12 Jun 1908 s.o. Edward and Iva
Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven

Fieldstones in the southwest end of the cemetery:

I counted 5 fieldstones in this area, however the ground is very uneven and has years of leaf, etc. buildup and there are probably more.
Two of the stones have G.T.R. or G.F.R scratched into them in large letters with an illegible name above. The others have no markings.

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