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This cemetery is near the end of a ridge off Corinth Road on property owned by Dr. Ken Hines. We found evidence of 15-17 graves.
There are two rows of fieldstones. The Herndon, Mountjoy and Roach markers are in one group;
and the Cinnamond/Cinnamon stones in another. In one corner of the cemetery are large fieldstone markers.


Birth Date

Death Date


Herndon, Coleman 11 Mar 1817 13 Mar 1863
Mountjoy*, Sarah Ann 11 Aug 1862 14 Feb 1864 i.o. David and Malisa Mountjoy
Roach*, Sally Fanney 26 Feb 1865 26 Mar 1864 d.o. Bailey and Lutitia Roach
Cinnamond, John A. 2 Aug 1807 14 May 1877 Consort of Susannah Cinnamond
Cinnamon, Susan A. 1829 8 May 1894

*Granddaughters of Coleman Herndon and Sarah A. Jones Herndon

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