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This graveyard is located on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Dorris Bruce at 2850 Bardstown Rd. It is on a hill not far from the house.
There are four rows, with an estimated 32 graves including seven inscribed stones, a number of fieldstone head-and-footstone markers
and more-or-less rectangular depressions at regular intervals in the rows indicating sunken graves.


  Birth Date

Death Date


Brown, Leslie Porter 18 Mar 1870 1 Dec 1880 Son of Jas. L & Nancy A Brown
Brown, Jas. A. 22 May 1860 2 Aug 1881
Baxter, Minnie 30 Sep 1873 18 Aug 1894 Daughter of HH & AE Baxter
Riley, Orpha 25 May 1873 20 Jul 1887 Daughter of Bettie A. Riley
Riley, Susan E. 18 Dec 1876 6 Feb 1882 Daughter of Bettie A. Riley
Brown, Huldah E. 11 Jun 1844 24 Dec 1888 Wife of WT Brown
Riley, Bettie A. 21 Aug 1844 7 Jul 1902 Wife of G. Riley
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