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This cemetery is in a cornfield off Hammonds Creek Road. The land is owned by Albert Walker;
and the cemetery has been farmed around for many years. Only three of the stones listed in the 1956 transcription by Hugh Hawkins (below) are now visible.


  Birth Date

Death Date


Blackwell, David 18 Jul 1810 22 Jan 1845 s.o. Robert and Mary Blackwell
Blackwell, John T. 1812 Single date on stone s.o. Robert & Mary
Blackwell, Mary White 5 Sep 1770 1820 w.o. Robert
Blackwell, Rachel Russell w.o. John T.
Blackwell, Robert 2 May 1766 1857 Revolutionary War soldier from Hanover Co., VA
Blackwell, Robert B.* 4 Oct 1842 23 Sep 1863 s.o. David and Susan. Died a POW in Camp Chase, Ohio
Blackwell, Susan Mountjoy* 17 Dec 1807 5 Aug 1849 w.o. David
Blackwell, Thomas J.* 19 Aug 1836 19 Mar 1863 s.o. David and Susan

*These three stones were visible in April 2007

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