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Deed – Heirs of Robert McMichael to C. Ledridge and John B. Griffey, December 9, 1872

Anderson Co., Ky. Deed Book N, p. 392

*Deed Book N, 1873

       R.H. Frazier, Elley McMichael, William McMichael, Susan McMichael, James McMichael, [Rhoda] McMichael, Andrew Lynn McMichael, Jesse McMichael, Bettie McMichael, Thomas McMichael all heirs at law* of Robert McMichael deceased have [sold] and hereby convey with general warranty unto the said C. Ledridge and John B. Griffy a certain tract or parcel of land lying in Anderson County, Ky. on the waters of Kentucky River adjoining the lands of Preston Bond, Stephen Houchin, Anna Smith, & M.C. B[oggess] known as the home farm of Robert McMichael deceased and containing 130 acres be the same more or less to have and to hold said tract of land with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging unto the said C. Ledridge and John B. Griffy their heirs and assigns forever wherefore I W.E. Bell as [commissioner] aforesaid hereunto subscribe my hand this 9th day of December 1872.

W.E. Bell

       December 10th, 1872. Examined & approved J.C. Wickliffe Judge

State of Kentucky Anderson Circuit Court December Term 1872 W.E. Bell Commissioner [pro-tem] to the court a deed to C. Ledridge and J.B. Griffy which was examined and approved by the Court and the said Commissioner acknowledged the same to be his act and deed whereupon the same is ordered to be [ ] is hereby certified to the proper office for record.

Attest W.E. Bell clerk
Anderson Circuit Court

State of Kentucky Sct I James M. Posey clerk of the Anderson County Court certify that the foregoing deed from Robert McMichael’s by W.E. Bell Commissioner with the certificate [thereunto] C. Ledridge and John B. Griffy has January [9th] 1873 [ ] in my office for record whereupon they and this certificate have been duly admitted to record. Given under my hand this 9th day of January 1873.

James M. Posey clerk

*heirs at law -- the persons legally entitled to inherit the property of someone who dies intestate; usually those persons closest to the deceased by blood or adoption.

Transcribed by Mike McMurray
Nov., 2009

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