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Deed – Mary C., Abraham W., John S. Griffey, W.T., Sarah Patterson, and Elizabeth F. Griffey to Joseph Griffey, Oct. 20, 1893

Anderson Co., Ky. Deed Book W, p. 261, 262

*Deed Book W 1893

In consideration of the sum of Nine hundred dollars paid by Joseph Griffey as follows to wit Three hundred dollars paid to Mary C. Griffey, wife of Abraham Griffey, Same amount to John S. Griffey and same amount paid to W.T. Patterson, the receipt of all which amounts is hereby acknowledged. And for the further consideration of Three hundred dollars to be paid to Elizabeth F. Griffey one day after date as evidenced by the promissory note of Said Joseph Griffey to Said Elizabeth F. Griffey bearing even date herewith with interest from this date at the note of Six percent per annum until paid. And the better to secure the payment of said a lien is obtained on the real estate hereinafter mentioned. For the said Mary C. Griffey, Abraham Griffey husband of said Mary, John S. Griffeyand W.T. Patterson and Elizabeth F. Griffey have sold and hereby convey with General Warranty unto the said Joseph Griffey all our undivided right title and interest in and to a certain tract or parcel of land, Situated lying and being in the County of Anderson and State of Kentucky on the waters of Salt River and containing One hundred and twenty acres be the same more or less, and adjoining the lands of J.M. Gudgel on the North, on the West by [Miss] [L.E. McKee], on the South by the lands of Daniel Middleton Deceased, and on the East by the Lawrenceburg and Freeman’s Bridge road, and being the same tract of land of which Joseph Griffey died Seized and possessed the interest hereby conveyed being four undivided fifths thereof, Said Joseph Griffey being the owner being the owner of the remaining one fifth. To have and to hold said subdivided interest in and to said tract of land with the appurtenances thereunto belonging to him the said Joseph Griffey and his heirs and assigns forever. Wherefore we the grantors aforesaid, together with Sarah E. Patterson wife of W.T. Patterson who unites in this deed and hereby waives, relinquishes and conveys her dower right and right of homestead in and to said tract of land have hereunto subscribed our names this 28th day of October 1893.

Mary C. Griffey
Abraham Griffey
Elizabeth F. Griffey
William T. Patterson
Sarah E. Patterson
John S. Griffey

I George H. Webb, Clerk of the County Court of Jefferson County in the State of Kentucky do certify that on this day the foregoing deed was produced to me in my office, and acknowledged and delivered by John S. Griffey a party thereto to be his act and deed all of which is hereby certified to the proper office for record. Witness my hand this 28th day of November 1893

George H. Webb Clerk
By B.D. Hess Deputy Clerk

State of Kentucky sct
I, P.H. Thomas Clerk of the Anderson County Court certify that the foregoing Deed from Mary C. Griffey and others to Joseph Griffey was October 28th 1893 produced to me in my office, and acknowledged by the said Mary C. Griffey and Abraham Griffey her husband, Elizabeth F. Griffey, William T. Patterson and wife Sarah E. Patterson to be their acts and deed and was November 24th 1893 lodged in my office for record. Whereupon I have recorded the same and the foregoing and this certificate. Given under my hand this November 30th 1893

P.H. Thomas Clerk a.c.c.

**Transcriber’s Note: Legal phrase:"seized and possessed": an expression meaning that one is legally in possession of a tract of land**
**Joseph Griffey cannot be Joseph William Griffey, Jr., son of Joseph William Griffey, because he died in 1892. This is either Joseph Andrew Griffey, son of Benjamin Griffey, or Joseph William Burrus Griffey, Jr., son of William Burrus Griffey, Sr
. **Mary C. Griffey was the daughter of Joseph William Griffey, Jr. and Ann McMichael, and therefore a sister of Margaret E. Griffey. She married Abraham W. Griffey, son of Benjamin Griffey and Margaret C. Whitenack. Mary C. Griffey and Abraham W. Griffey were first cousins.

Transcribed by Mike McMurray
Nov., 2009

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