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Deed – Margaret C. Griffey to Joseph Andrew Griffey, March 1, 1880

Anderson Co., Ky. Deed Book R, p. 336, 337

*Deed Book R, 1883

In consideration of one dollar paid to me by my Son, Joseph A. Griffey the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and for the consideration of the love and affection I have for my said son, I Margaret C. Griffey, Give grant and convey with General Warranty unto my Said Son the following parcel of land lying in Anderson County Kentucky on the waters of Salt River, a part of the tract of land on which I am now living and bounded thus, Beginning at a Stone on the east Side of the dirt Road leading from Freeman’s Bridge on Salt River to the Camdenville pike, thence S [2°] W 316/10 poles to a Stone corner to [Hedden] thence 64° E 42 poles to a Stone, thence North 46 poles to a Stone in a line of said Joseph A. Griffey and with Same N 86° W 368/10 poles to the beginning containing 81/2 acres more or less, To have and to hold said parcel of land with its appurtenances to the said Joseph A. Griffey his heirs and assigns forever Wherefore I have hereunto subscribed my name March 1st, 1880 Any other children are to have the right of way along the [Cole] line, on this lot to the dirt road leading from the Bridge to the Camdenville pike.

Margaret C. Griffey

Witness: James M. Bell

State of Kentucky Sct I P.H. Thomas Clerk of the Anderson County Court certify that the foregoing deed from Margaret C. Griffey to Joseph A. Griffey was on the 2nd day of March 1880 acknowledged by the said Margaret C. Griffey [ ] appears from an endorsement thereof in words and figures as follows to wit, [ ] by Margaret C. Griffey March 2nd 1880 James M. Bell D.C. an was on the 21st day of April 1880 lodged in my office for record. Wherefore I have recorded the same and this certificate. Given under my hand this the 24th day of May 1883.
P.H. Thomas a.c.c.

*(left margin)
No. 370 Deed Margaret C. Griffey to J.A. Griffey
archived to owner April 21st 1884

Transcribed by Mike McMurray
Nov., 2009

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